Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City now available on Console


By Azura, it’s you!

In case you missed our coverage at the start of the month, The Elder Scrolls Online has received its first dose of DLC in the form of Imperial City. It was originally released to PC and Mac versions of the game, and as we previously reported, the content would also be making its way to console editions of the game later in the month.

Well, here we are, and that later is now, and Imperial City is now available on Console.

Both Xbox One and PS4 players of The Elder Scrolls Online can nab a copy of Imperial City, either through an ESO subscription, or the crown store. Pricing varies between regions on both those counts, so watch the numbers at your respective checkouts to see how far your septims will stretch.

The highlights of the content include new areas, new enemies, and the imposing White-Gold Tower of Cyrodil city, which features content for both PVE and PVP players. There’ll be daedra aplenty inside the city too, but it’s the Xivkyn, a brand new type of enemy that’ll be of interest to some. For those that love that personal touch, there’s also more in way of mounts, pets, and armor styles.

If you missed the previous wrap-up of what’s in the DLC, check out our previous story or jump over to  elderscrollsonline.com.

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