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Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City now available on Console

By Azura, it’s you! In case you missed our coverage at the start of the month, The Elder Scrolls Online has received its first dose of DLC in the form of Imperial City. It was originally released to PC and Mac versions of the game, and as we previously reported, the content would also be making its way to console editions of the game later in the month.

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Imperial City: Elder Scrolls Online Gets Its First DLC Pack

Over a year since its original release, and months since the console release, The Elder Scrolls Online is getting some DLC. Imperial City is the very first of the planned DLC releases for the game, and has now been released on PC. While it will be just over two weeks until console editions of the game get a dose of Cyrodilic love, players on PC can now grab Imperial City either through ESO Plus, or via the game’s Crown store.

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The Elder Scrolls Online BETA – First Impressions

This past weekend I played the Elder Scrolls Online on PC during their BETA event and am finally getting around to letting y’all know what I thought of it.

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The Elder Scrolls Online, or How I’ll Lose My Job, Spouse, and Personal Hygiene

  Yesterday morning at PAX I was treated to the opportunity to sit down with the PC version of The Elder Scrolls Online and immediately saw my life circling the drain.

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