“The Saints Save Christmas” DLC coming soon to Saints Row 4

Saints-Save-Christmas-BannerThe folks over at Volition sure are filled with the Christmas spirit.  Yesterday, they launched their Christmas carol sing-a-long contest.  Today, they’ve done something much bigger:  They’ve unveiled a Christmas themed expansion of Saints Row 4, in which the Saints try to rescue Santa Claus himself.  Ho Ho Ho, indeed.  Read on for the details.

The announcement was made alongside the Saint Row Jingle Bells contest on the main Saints Row website.  The new DLC, festively titled “How the Saints Save Christmas,” tells the story of what happens when the Saints discover that Santa Claus is being held prisoner inside Zinyak’s simulation.  You’d think that rescuing him would be a no-brainer for the Saints, but the President isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit.  It probably has something to do with being at least partly responsible for the extermination of the human race.  But whatever the cause, it’s up to the rest of the Saints to help their boss rediscover the true meaning of Christmas in time to save Santa from Zinyak’s evil clutches.


The DLC will consist of three new story driven quests, and a number of holiday themed weapons including the North Pole, the infamous Red Rider BB Gun, and a Christmas version of the Dubstep Gun.  In addition, you’ll also gain access to a pair of Christmas vehicles.  Yup, you guessed it: a flying reindeer and Santa’s sleigh.  The Saints Save Christmas will be available free for all season pass holders, and will cost $6.99 on its own.  It will be available this December 11th on Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Playstation Network.

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