World of Warcraft Movie Gets a Director

warcraftknowthatguyLooks like World of Warcraft fans will finally be getting that movie they’ve all been talking about for years.  The project seems to have been up in the air forever, but now  apparently director Duncan Jones has been attached to the world of Azeroth.

There was a time when Sam Raimi was on this wasn’t there?  Or am I dreaming?  I seem to remember hearing whispers of him leaving it and I honestly thought that would be the end of the process.  I wasn’t sure this would ever get made.  And well, if we’re being honest video game movies seem to always be in production hell for a few years before they end up coming out and mostly sucking terribly.

Duncan Jones is the guy behind Moon and Source Code, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s the greatest guy for the job, but look – he’s no Uwe Boll either.  I count Moon among one of my recent favorites anyway.

I’m tentatively excited about the prospect of a World of Warcraft movie.  Done well it could be wildly entertaining.  The best part about it is there aren’t really any canon character arcs or plot lines to completely ruin if there’s a movie (I’m looking at you, Mass Effect).  WoW is an open world, loose fitting lore where a million different stories can happen and that just makes me kind of giddy.  The game has a great sense of humor too so I hope that’s not lost when it makes the jump to the big screen.

Here’s hoping this means this flick will finally get made.

via T3

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