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New Alien: Isolation trailer brings some lo fi to its sci fi


It’s “a game set in the future but based in the past” as described by Al Hope, the Creative Lead of Alien: Isolation. As a result of this quirk, the creative team behind the new game based on the well-loved and well-known Alien franchise have had to lo fi their sci fi, as the latest trailer for Alien: Isolation showcases.

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Next PS4 update will enable video editing, game pre-loading


While there’s no denying that the PlayStation 4 is a technological marvel, there are still some areas where Sony needs to make improvements.  Two of those areas; the lack of video editing software, and the seemingly endless wait for games to download, will be addressed in an upcoming firmware update.  Read on for the details.

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Snoop Dogg voice pack coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts


Because of course.  Of course there’s going to be a Snoop Dogg voice pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts.  From Death Row Records, to Wrestlemanis, to Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Snoop has pretty conquered every corner of the pop culture world, except for video games.  Well, that’s about to change.  This is not a joke,  Seriously, read on for the details.  

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Child of Light trailer illuminates the world of Lemuria


The question of whether or not video games are art can be answered with a resounding “well, duh.”  That being said, some games are decidedly more art that others.  If a new trailer is any indication, the upcoming platfomer RPG hybrid Child by Light looks like it will be falling into the more art category.  Read on to judge for yourself.

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Below, former Xbox One exclusive, heading to Steam


It’s not often that a peviously exclusive game becomes available on a new platform before the game is even released.  But that the situation we have with Below, the new title from CapyGames, best known for their brilliant Swords and Sworcery.  You’ll soon be able to play Below, even if you aren’t lucky enough to own an Xbox One.  Read on for the details.

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There’s nowhere to hide in this new Wolfenstein trailer


The release of Wolfenstein: The New Order is now less than two months away, so the times seems right for another trailer.  Much like the last one, this newest video offers a mix of gameplay and cinematic footage, and it paints a pretty bleak picture for Blazkowicz and company.  Until they get a hold on some Nazi superweapons, that is.  Read on for the details.

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So about that Amazon game console…


OK, well it’s not exactly a game console.  The Amazon Fire TV is more like an all-in-one media streaming box that also plays games.  But it’s got an impressive list of launch titles, and you can get one for yourself for under a hundred bucks.  So read on to learn more about the Fire TV, and take a look at the games it’ll play.

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New Watch Dogs trailer takes you inside Chicago


Ahhhh Chicago.  The Windy City.  The City of Broad Shoulders.  Chicagoland.  Chi-Town.  Beefy McSlaughterville.  One of those might be made up.  America’s second city will be the setting for Watch Dogs, the upcoming open world game from Ubisoft.  A new trailer takes you inside Chicago, and shows off some of the fun you’ll be having there.  Read on for the details.

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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two launches, gets a new trailer


It’s been a long, strange trip, hasn’t it?  After five years of development, a handful of delays, and untold hours spent debating what it all meant, we’ve reached the end of Bioshock Infinite.  With today’s release of Burial at Sea Episode Two, the story of Bioshock Infinite, and of the studio that made it, has ended.  Read on to check out the launch trailer.

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Obsidian announced a new game at GDC, and it’s not what you think


GDC, the annual game developer conference, is taking place this week in San Francisco, and Obsidian Entertainment chose the event to announce a new game.  No, it’s not Fallout 4.  Sorry to disappoint.  It’s not another Kickstarter project either.  Again, sorry.  The game is called Armored Warfare, and it’s unlike anything the studio has ever made.  Read on for the details.

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