Event Report: Australian World of Warships Launch


The Sydney Maritime Museum played host last night to the World of Warships launch, the next freemium MMO from Wargaming, also known for World of Warplanes, and to a larger extent, World of Tanks. (Though I really want to say WAR Tanks).

The night began on the very suitable setting of the HMAS Vampire – yes, aboard a literal warship. The Vampire is a Daring-class Destroyer that could muster a top-speed of 30 knots, and was equipped with three 113mm dual-turrets, six 40mm AA guns, and more. She was decommissioned in 1986, and if that little factoid gets you excited, you’re gonna love World of Warships, where you’ll find Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Aircraft Carriers.

The crowd assembled listened to the Jasper Nicholas, General Manager of Wargaming’s Asia Pacific speak about the game, who has been involved with World of Warships since before the alpha stages of the game. It’s said the current builds play very different to what some may have experienced at PAX Australia last year, but if you’re not in the current beta, no need to panic – the game releases proper on September 17.

Also in attendance was Stephen Wang, CEO and Director of BigWorld Technology. BigWorld provide the server-side middleware that’s used by each of Wargaming’s aforementioned games, and have been working together since 2011. Many of the developers of the BigWorld engine were also there for the launch, .

Lastly, Artur Plociennik, Publishing Producer in Europe spoke about the statistics, community size and active players of Wargaming’s suite. They teased that Sydney Harbour may be coming to World of Warships as a map after it launches, but there were a few very-emphasised disclaimers around that. Wargaming say they’re happy to remove the beta tag, which’ll happen next week.

Festivities continued on inside the museum, where attendees were able to get a hands-on play with the game. There were also screens running videos that showed off various features of the game and behind the scenes interviews to give a little insight on the game’s development.

Thanks to Wargaming for inviting Save Game to the event.

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