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PS Plus edition of Driveclub delayed due to server issues

Once again, a high profile game that relies heavily on multiplayer servers has been hit with early technical problems.  This time, the victim is Driveclub.  After months of the delays, the game was finally released this week.  But the problems began almost immediately.  Now, the developer has been forced to pull Driveclub’s free PS Plus edition.  Read on for the details.

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Interview – Simon Barlow, Lead Developer of DRIVECLUB

Playstation Australia invited Save Game along to a launch event on the eve of EB Expo, giving members of the gaming press a chance to get a hands-on with some brand new games coming out for Playstation 4, and something else that’s without compare, an empty Expo hall. There were a number of games on display, including The Order 1886, Little Big Planet 3, Bloodborne and of course, DRIVECLUB.

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So what’s the deal with that Playstation Plus version of Driveclub, anyway?

If you’ve been paying attention to Driveclub’s tumultuous journey towards release, you’ve probably asked yourself at some point, “so what’s the deal with that Playstation Plus version of Driveclub, anyway?”  Well, for awhile, nobody really knew for sure.  But now, we finally have some solid information to pass along, and it actually sounds pretty cool.  Read on for the details.

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Driveclub gets a release date, new trailer

So this is what they meant by “back to the drawing board,” huh?  After two delays, an admission that the game was being rethought on a fundamental level, and the departure of the game’s director, Driveclub finally has a release and a flashy new trailer.  For both fans of car porn, and game industry drama, today is a very good day.  Read on for the details.

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