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Far Cry 4 – the Save Game review

8 out of 10 Great Recommended

Over the last decade, Far Cry has carved out its own niche within the first person shooter genre of games. It has become famous for its wide open worlds, flamboyant characters, and over the top violence and mayhem. The latest installment, Far Cry 4, trades steamy tropical jungles for Himalayan mountainsides, but otherwise, promises to build on the success of its predecessors. Does it succeed? Let’s find out.

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Ubisoft Deactivating Fraudulent Steam Keys

Ubisoft are deactivating Steam keys for Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity that were acquired via “fraudulent” resellers.

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Far Cry 4 gets another trailer full of beauty and death

We’re just a little over a month away from the release of Far Cry 4, and the reliably omnipresent Ubisoft hype machine has just cranked out another trailer for the game.  Set to a haunting cover of I Will Survive, the video is two minutes of some of the most beautiful and/or violent gameplay footage you’ll ever see.  Read on to check it out for yourself.

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Sony takes you inside the making of Far Cry 4

Can you hear that whistle in the distance?  It sounds like the Ubisoft hype train, and it’s getting closer.  Far Cry 4 is angling to be one of the big multi-platform releases of the holiday season, and Sony wants to show you why in a new video that takes you inside the Ubisoft development studio for some developer commentary.  Read on to check it out.

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Ultimate Kyrat Edition of Far Cry 4 revealed

Far Cry fans take note – Ubisoft have announced the most recent uber special edition of their upcoming blockbuster title Far Cry 4. The Ultimate Kyrat Edition is touted as the most complete Far Cry 4 package available, and will include a glee-inducing assortment of extra special features.

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Far Cry 4 is officially a thing that is happening

BREAKING NEWS: new game coming from highly successful shooter franchise.  This time, it’s Far Cry 4, the latest in Ubisoft’s series of outlandish FPS advantures.  And if the teaser site is any indication, the fourth installment will be even more bonkers than the last one.  Read on for all the details.

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