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Review – State of Decay – Breakdown DLC

8 out of 10 Great

When State of Decay released a few months ago on Xbox Live (and more recently on PC) it offered a unique and challenging Zombie survival experience whose game mechanics set it apart from other zombie games. With the release of Breakdown, the game’s first DLC, State of Decay finally delivers the sandbox centred endless survival mode, an oft requested addition by fans of the game. But is the inclusion of this element enough to warrant a purchase? The answer, ultimately, will depend on how much of a fan you were of the base game itself.

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The censoring of the Saints: an evaluation of Australia’s games censorship system

Remember the buzz in the Australian gaming scene at the start of the year when we finally got that R18+ category?  It was like Christmas came a week and a bit late! The first half of the year was exciting as we saw various titles released under that shiny new red label that otherwise would not have been seen in their unmodified form in this country. Yet like all good parties someone arrived a little too drunk, upset some people and was refused entry.  What surprised most was that it wasn’t an overtly offensive game, like the Japanese Eroge RapeLay, […]

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Review – State of Decay

9 out of 10 Excellent Recommended

The jaded gamer could well be forgiven for casually glancing at State of Decay and thinking ‘just another zombie game.’ And yet, Undead Labs have created an open world zombie apocalypse experience that is unlike anything previously released. Here is a game that is innovative, unique, creative, and one that challenges not only your assumptions about what a ‘zombie game’ can be, but the very way in which you choose to tackle the experience.

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Preview – State of Decay

These days, you could be forgiven for rolling your eyes as yet another zombie apocalypse themed game releases. However, State of Decay from Undead Labs – the most recent title featuring the shambling undead – offers something more than just your run of the mill zombie smashing action experience. State of Decay is a unique take on what’s fast becoming a tired genre, offering an incredibly detailed and nuanced open world zombie survival horror experience to Xbox 360 and PC owners.

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