Our Review Scoring System

A quick breakdown of what our review scores mean.

1. A game with absolutely no redeeming features. You’re better served using the disc as a drinks coaster. Doesn’t work. An all around mess.

2. This scores means the game is at least playable in parts, but it is so badly executed in design there is no reason you would want to play the game. Only a step above non-functional.

3. A game that resembles a pre-beta version of a game that never got to the quality control stage of production. Buggy, badly designed and badly conceptualized.

4. This score reflects a game which, had it been given more time, might have potentially become an average game. As it stands, it’s forgettable. Playable, but forgettable.

5. Passable game. It doesn’t do anything incredibly bad, but it doesn’t do anything well either. Look elswhere, unless you’re desperate for a gaming fix.

6. A game fans of the genre may be interested in, but it doesn’t have that wow-factor. A good paint-by-the-numbers version of a playable game. We recommend hiring only, or picking it up when it invariably hits the bargain bin if you absolutely have to own it.

7. A solid game which ticks all the boxes and provides a good gaming experience, without adding anything unique to the genre. May have some replay-ability, but likely only a game you’ll play once.

8. An impressive game that offers more than just the regular fare, and may include some stand-out set pieces. Flashes of brilliance, overall a great game that needed that little extra to be a ‘wow’ title. Worth picking up, but perhaps not on release day.

9. Standout in the genre. These games deliver on all aspects and provide a gaming experience that is unique and memorable. A must-buy and a must-recommend, these games are elevated beyond the rank-and-file games in their genre by the attention to detail and commitment to excellence of those working on the game.

10. The best of the best. Games receiving this score aren’t perfect, but they’re as close to perfect as a game can be. Impeccable gameplay, envrionmental design, scriptwriting, character building, voice-over work and world design combine to create the holy grail of gaming experiences. A must-buy and a must-keep.

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