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Tash is a self-diagnosed gaming fanatic with a doctorate in Psychology. She's also a self-confessed Mass Effect fangirl and will likely talk your ears off if you ever get her started on the subject. A lover of all things RPG and adventure, she has more gamer related action figures and memorabilia than any 30 something year old professional has a right to own, and has spent more time than she’d like to admit to daydreaming about exactly what she would do should the Zombie Apocalypse actually happen.

GOG offering Broken Sword for free until October 1


To celebrate the 6,000,000 game downloaded, GOG.com is offering Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director’s Cut absolutely free. Broken Sword is a fantastic adventure game, and to download your free copy, all you need do is sign into Good Old Games (or create an account if you don’t already have one) head to this page and click on the download now button. You’ll want to hurry though – as this offer expires on October 1 at 7:59 EDT.

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Gears of War 3 sells over 3 million copies in first week


It’s no secret that critics loved Gears of War 3, and now with news breaking that Gears 3 sold over three million copies in its first week alone, I think it’s safe to say that gamers are loving Epic’s latest installment in the series. With over three million sales, that makes Gears of War 3 the biggest launch of 2011, and the sixth largest Xbox360 launch week.

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‘All Saints Day’ Dark Souls Trailer


Dark Souls is gearing up for release in a few days, and what better way to celebrate than with a new trailer. Showing off the game’s stunning visuals and battles and with the usual marketing sound grabs (or is that type grabs?), it sure emphasizes the fact that gamers are in for a challenge come its release in early October. Check out the trailer below.

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Cityville now on Google+


Google + users will be pleased to know that Cityville – the most popular Facebook game is now available to play on Google+. Currently the most popular game on Google+ is Rovio’s Angry Birds, but with Cityville added to the roster of 18 games nov available, it’s likely only a matter of time before it dethrones Rovio’s offering.

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Syndicate trailer shows off gameplay footage


More Syndicate news today – this time in the form of a new trailer, showing off some very impressive visuals and accompanied by a Skrillex track. There seem to be a variety of weapons available in the game, alongside some rather epic looking locations. Have a look at the trailer below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Just Dance AKB48 Trailer


Japan is finally getting on the badwagon of the Just Dance series, with the first installment of the already popular game releasing over there soon. And to market the series, an ad campaign starring Japan’s 48 favourite pop singers, AKB48 has begun across the country. The commercial features AKB48’s single ‘Heavy Rotation’ which of course is included in the song line-up for the Japanese version. Check out the trailer below.

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Zelda: Skyward Sword Australian release date


After several ‘this is the release date; no, THIS is the release date!’ umming and ahh-ing from Nintendo of Australia, it seems they have finally settled on an Australian release date for Zelda: Skyward Sword. And that all important date is November 24th, 2011.

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Battlefield 3 Beta Now Live; Origin site meltdown


The Battlefield 3 Beta is now live and open to all, and predictibly the Origin site has gone into meltdown. If you haven’t downloaded the Beta yet and want to, head on over to AusGamers who have very kindly provided a download link on their own website. They’ve also listed other sites where you can find a download of the Beta.

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LA Noire complete edition for PC releasing November 8 in NA; Nov 11 Europe


Rockstar have just announced that LA Noire: The Complete Edition for PC will be releasing November 8th, 2011 for North America, and November 11th, 2011 for Europe on Windows PC, Steam and OnLive. The edition will include a multi-use code which will enable players to access all previously released DLC from the PS3 and Xbox360 versions of the game.

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Syndicate receives February 21 release date; Europe February 24


Syndicate, the Starbreeze developed reboot of Bullfrog’s sci-fi series, has received an early 2012 release date. EA has announced the shooter will be hitting platforms in North America on February 21st, with European gamers getting the title a few days later on February 24th.

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