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Darth Vader Playable in Star Wars Battlefront Online Multiplayer


What’s a Star Wars game without Darth Vader, right? At a presentation at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim yesterday, Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE revealed that Darth Vader will be a playable character in the game’s online multiplayer mode.

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How DICE will make Battlefront the most authentic Star Wars game yet


Star Wars games have had an uneven history. For every Knights of the Old Republic, there’s been a Masters of Teras Kasi. SO in order to make Star Wars Battlefront as authentic as possible, LucasArts have given DICE and EA unprecedented access to Star Wars props, costumes and original sound clips.

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Have you seen the new 5 minute long Witcher 3 trailer?


There are trailers, and then there are trailers. The latest video from CD Projekt RED is a five minute journey into the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it is a much watch for anyone remotely interested in the game. Covering everything from combat to sex, it’s the most comprehensive look at the game we’ve seen yet. Read on for all the details.

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BREAKING NEWS: another Call of Duty is on the way

black ops 3 tease

Shocking news from Activision today, as they have announced that the little known shooter franchise known as “Call of Duty” will be getting a new game. I know, I’ve never heard of it either. Very few details are available right now, but read on and we’ll share everything we know.

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New trailer offers first look at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deux Ex Divided

Hey, have you heard about the new Deus Ex game? Well, of course you have. Even though it was the worst kept gaming secret in recent memory, it’s still exciting to get our first look at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the latest title in the venerable franchise. So read on to check out the brand new reveal trailer.

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PlayStation versions of Minecraft Mass Effect pack now available


Rejoice, Playstation Minecraft players. Your long shared nightmare is finally over. After well over a year of waiting, the Mass Effect mash-up pack for Minecraft is finally available for purchase on all Sony platforms. Go ahead, let those tears of happiness flow. After you’ve all had a good cry, read on for the details. 

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Surprise! Dragon Age Inquisition DLC coming tomorrow. For some of us.


Well, this was unexpected. It was pretty much guaranteed that Bioware would eventually release single player DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition. But usually, there’s a bit of a buildup. First come the rumors, then the teases, then the trailer, then finally, the DLC itself. This time, Bioware decided to skip all that and is releasing a brand new expansion tomorrow. Read on for the details.

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Nintendo Making Mobile Games


Nintendo have partnered with third-party publisher DeNA to create games for the mobile games market, with goals to attract 100 million users to their mobile games per day.

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Atari Allegedly Demand Action-Shooter TxK Be Removed From PS Vita


Action-shooter TxK, a game inspired by Tempest 2000, is no longer going to be released on PlayStation 4, PC or Android due to alleged legal conflict with Atari.

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Beta feedback brings change to Battlefield Hardline

battlefield hardline banner

With the release of Battlefield Hardline looming, developer Visceral Games has released an extensive list of changes they have made to the game, following last month’s public beta. While none of the changes are drastic, the combined result of them will be a game that plays and feels somewhat differently than the one experienced in the beta. Read on for the details.

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