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Review: The Evil Within Story DLC – The Assignment & The Consequence

8 out of 10 Great

Tango Gameworks and Bethesda’s The Evil Within promised “a return to the roots of survival horror”, and with one of the fathers of the genre Shinji Mikami at the helm, it definitely had plenty of potential. Sadly, the game was heavily marred by technical bugs, poor design choices and an almost incomprehensible narrative. All the key ingredients for a great game were there, but they weren’t executed properly. But it seems old Shinji and his pals had a few tricks left up their sleeves, and the two story-focused DLC’s, The Assignment and The Consequence almost completely redeem the franchise. Many […]

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The Evil Within’s New Gameplay Trailer

It’s hard to believe it’s now less than two weeks since game-lovers at EB Expo were able to evacuate their bowels in a miniature version of a maze based on Bethesda’s new title, The Evil Within, but with the game due to hit stores any second now, the nightmares are coming back.

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The Evil Within – A Return to True Survival Horror

A behind closed doors demo of Bethesda’s The Evil Within. Step into the shoes of detective Sebastian Castellanos as he bears witness to the terrifying resurrection of original Survival Horror.

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Bethesda brings scary back with The Evil Within

So it turns out that those weird Vine videos Bethesda was sending out last week had nothing to do with Fallout.  Or the NHRA.  Instead, they’ve unveiled a brand new game that aims to bring the horror back to survival.  And they’ve recruited one of the originators of the genre to do it.  Read on for the details.

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