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Tash is a self-diagnosed gaming fanatic with a doctorate in Psychology. She's also a self-confessed Mass Effect fangirl and will likely talk your ears off if you ever get her started on the subject. A lover of all things RPG and adventure, she has more gamer related action figures and memorabilia than any 30 something year old professional has a right to own, and has spent more time than she’d like to admit to daydreaming about exactly what she would do should the Zombie Apocalypse actually happen.

Assassin’s Creed III for PC rumored to be releasing November 23


Continuing their trend of releasing the PC version of their games after their console counterparts, it appears that Assassin’s Creed 3 will see a November 23 release for PC – that’s if a promotional image provided to Eurogamer.cz is anything to go by.

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Supanova 2012 – Our interview with Tricia Helfer


Recently at Supanova, our resident Sydneysider staffmember Rebecca had the pleasure of interviewing Tricia Helfer, an accomplished actress and best known to us as the voice of EDI in Mass Effect 2 and 3. From the differences between on-screen acting and voice acting, to discussions of EDI and her relationship with Joker, Tricia covers many interesting questions and reveals some surprising asides. Read on for the full transcript and audio of the interview.

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Okami HD Reveal Trailer


Get excited. Hey, not that excited, guy in the back in the blue hoodie. Capcom have announced that their critically acclaimed Playstation 2 game, Okami, will be re-released in HD on the Playstation 3. Okami HD will be released as a digital download via the PS Store, and will set you back $19.99.

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Persona 4 helps PS Vita Japanese sales jump by 157%


Here’s hoping those behind Persona 4: The Golden are getting a nice little bonus from Sony, after figures released today show that the Playstation Vita’s sales increased by a whopping 157% following the release of the game.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 confirmed; will use Fox Engine


Snaaaaaa….ok I’m sorry. Just had to. Hideo Kojima, in an interview with French magazine IG, translated by Eurogamer, has confirmed that yes, Metal Gear Solid 5 is in development and yes, it will be using the Fox Engine.

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Game Industry Promotion Act pushes Playstation Store offline in South Korea


Things just keep getting worse for gamers in South Korea, with news today that due to the recently implemented ‘Game Industry Promotion Act’, Sony has been forced to take the Playstation Store offline. The Game Industry Promotion Act (or GIPA, as we like to call it) which officially comes into being on July 1, states that anyone under the age of 18 “cannot be asked for their real name or age as part of account authentication.” Currently, this is a requirement for anyone creating an account on the Playstation Store.

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Beyond Good and Evil HD, From Dust and Outland offered in XBLA bundle


Ubisoft looks set to be releasing a triple-pack of games on Xbox Live Arcade, if a listing on Amazon.co.uk is to be believed. The bundle includes Beyond Good and Evil HD, Outland and From Dust and has been priced at £17.99.

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Dead Space: Catalyst novel releasing October 2


Good news for fans of the Dead Space series, with Tor Books announcing a second Dead Space novel is in the works. Releasing October 2, the novel, entitled ‘Dead Space: Catalyst‘ will be written by B.K Evenson, who previously penned the first Dead Space novel, Dead Space: Martyr. In keeping with the trend started by Martyr, Dead Space: Catalyst will also be set prior to the events in the first Dead Space game.

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GAME to close all stores in Australia


Following the fantastic news that Australia will be getting an R18+ games classification after years of lobbying, comes the very sad news that all GAME stores in Australia will be closing in the coming weeks. This news comes off the back of massive sales and clearances that GAME began running last week, and although the news is not surprising, it is still very disheartening to hear it confirmed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the company’s administrators.

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Dragon Age Legends now available as a free single player game


Who likes free games? Everyone likes free games! And what’s better than a free game? A free game that features magic powers and weapons and castle building goodness! Rejoice, medieval RPG fantasy fans, as Bioware have announced that their browser based, free-to-play RPG Dragon Age Legends is now available to download as a free, single-player game.

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