DC Universe Online now available for Xbox One

dcuniverse12Xbox One fans with a superhero and or spandex fetish rejoice! DC Universe Online, originally released way back when in 2011 for PC and PS3 is now available for Xbox One owners.The free to play MMO is available to all Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold Account. Three exclusive items will be available for Xbox players wanting to try out the game – the Powered-Up Cape, Powered-Up Emplem and Vapor Aura. Because everyone loves themselves some Vapor Aura, right?!

The MMO itself allows players the choice of creating either a Super Hero or Villain, with their own skill set and powers. Each player character, depending on choice of good vs evil, will have their own mentor (think Batman for super hero or Joker for super villain) and the character customisation options are extremely impressive. Given the game’s age, however, you may find coming up with a superhero/villain name that isn’t already taken quite difficult.

In addition to creating your own character and exploring the game world in PvE, players can also fight as any of 40 available DC comics characters in PvP game modes. The roster is quite impressive, and includes such heavy hitters as Superman, Green Arrow, Batman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn to name but a few.

As with any old-ish game, the MMO updates frequently with new content, and movies and tv shows such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Legends of Tomorrow have seen their own new content included in the game. Further updates of content relating to Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls are scheduled for release this year, so the game is keeping itself rather fresh despite its age.

For those wanting to know more, take a look at the announcement trailer below.

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