Bioware reveals who can (and who can’t) be romanced in Dragon Age Inquisition

dragon-age-inquisition-bannerRomances have always been kind of a big deal at Bioware.  From Baldur’s Gate all the way through the Mass Effect trilogy, the ability for characters to form romantic relationships has been one of the hallmarks of Bioware role playing games.  Now, two months before release, they’ve announced who will and will not be romancable in Dragon Age Inquistion.  Read on for the spoilery details.

In a post earlier today on the official Bioware forum, creative director for the Dragon Age series Mike Laidlaw revealed who could be romanced in Dragon Age Inquisition, and by whom.  If you’d rather discover this information on your own when you play the game, this is your last chance to turn around and avoid being spoiled.

Unlike in Dragon Age 2, every romance is not available for both male and female characters.  Some characters can only be romanced by male inquisitors (manquisitors?), and some can only be romanced by women.  While a few followers are available for both sexes, the options are a bit more limited this time around.  As explained by Laidlaw in his forum post, this decision was not intended to limit players options, but to make sure each character stays internally consistent:

Every major DA:I character has a story arc, personal goals, and thoughts on how your journey together has evolved; sometimes a romance arc doesn’t make sense for them, sometimes it does. Either way, we aren’t trying to justify why a character can’t be romanced—we’re looking at how a romance with that character would make sense according to the rest of their story, and why that romance will strengthen an interesting story arc.

So with the explanations out of the way, let’s get down to business.  Here are the characters in Dragon Age Inquisition who can be romanced, and by whom. Keep in mind that there are no class restrictions in Dragon Age’s romances.  The same rules apply to warriors, rogues, and mages.

  • Cassandra can by romanced by male characters
  • Blackwall can be romanced by female characters
  • Josephine can be romanced by male and female characters
  • Iron Bull can be romanced by male and female characters
  • Sera can be romanced by female characters
  • Dorian can be romanced by male characters

Two additional romances were added late in development, and are described by Laidlaw as “limited in scope.”

  • Cullen can be romanced by female humans and elves
  • Solas can be romanced by female elves

So, yes… this means that Leliana, Varric, Vivienne and Cole cannot be romanced.  Sorry, Varric fans.  There’s only room for one in Varric’s heart, and her name is Bianca.

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