Brace yourselves for the new Walking Dead: Season Two trailer

walking-dead-s2Ready or not, The Walking Dead is back.  Telltale’s episodic adventure tore a swath of thrills and despair through the lives of gamers everywhere last year, and the series is about to make a dramatic return.  So grab your tissues, tell someone you love them, and read on to watch the trailer for Walking Dead: Season Two.

When we last left The Walking Dead, Telltale had ripped our collective heart out through our throat and feasted on it like an undead walker.  Episode One of Season Two, entitled “All That Remains,” picks up the story sometime after the before-mentioned heart ripping, with players now in control of former companion character Clementine.  Players will have to guide Clementine through five episodes of harrowing adventure, as she is forced to survive and outwit enemies both living and dead.  Plus, I’m sure there will be a few musical numbers thrown in just to mix things up.  Check out the trailer below.

Wow, that looks hilarious!  This game will be so much at parties, you know?  Anywho, the game is currently available for pre-order on Steam, and players will save themselves 10% off the $24.99 price tag if they purchase it now.  The PC version of the first episode will launch on December 17.  Release dates for the console versions of the game are currently unknown, but it’s a good bet that Telltale will want to have all versions of the game available at roughly the same time.

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