BREAKING NEWS: another Call of Duty is on the way

black ops 3 tease

Shocking news from Activision today, as they have announced that the little known shooter franchise known as “Call of Duty” will be getting a new game. I know, I’ve never heard of it either. Very few details are available right now, but read on and we’ll share everything we know.It probably didn’t surprise anybody that another Call of Duty game was on the way, and that it would in all likelihood be the next installment in the Black Ops series. After all, Activision has turned the long running franchise into a money making machine. Supported by three separate studios, a new Call of Duty game has become the kind of annual tradition that is usually reserved for sports titles. After last year’s Advanced Warfare by Sledgehammer Studios, and Infinity Ward’s Ghosts the year before, it was once again time for Treyarch to grab the baton.

The news came on the Activision blog earlier today, announcing that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be coming this year, with a full reveal coming on April 26th. The official Call of Duty website has been redesigned, featuring a burning Roman numeral 3, and the hashtag “#BACKINBLACK.” Black Ops developer Treyarch got in on the hashtag fun too.

Charlie Intel is reporting that more details about Black Ops have been found by viewing the website’s source code, including box art and a synopsis.

Oh, and there’s a teaser trailer. Because there’s always a teaser trailer.

That’s about it. We’ll learn more on April 26th, so stay tuned.

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