Details regarding The Secret World’s group play revealed


Group-play within Funcom’s upcoming MMO release The Secret World has been detailed by Joel Bylos, lead content designer. Speaking with Electric Playground, Bylos stated “We really feel that an MMO is a shared experience, right? It’s very important that people work together to solve these problems. That’s the greatest feeling of achievement: when you work together with other people to overcome something.” The groups will consist of five characters, with that number extended to ten for raiding groups. In an interesting move, Funcom is planning on including a built in self-heal to allow for dungeons and other areas to be tackled by groups composed of similar class builds.

It’s a surprising addition, and it will be fascinating to see if this allows people to step out of the healer/tank/mage combination of so many raiding groups. If it also stops annoying gamers from yelling “Heal me I’m down. Healer get here and help me now come on help help WHERE ARE YOU?!’ then I’ll also be very happy. Truly. Some people should just not be allowed access to headsets.

Look for The Secret World when it releases in 2012.

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