Dragon Age Inquisition: The Black Emporium launches tomorrow


One of the more unique and entertaining aspects of Dragon Age 2 was the Black Emporium DLC; a secret shop full of all kinds of bizarre and powerful items. When Dragon Age Inquisition was launched, many fans were disappointed to learn that the game lacked a comparable place to spend their gold. But that is about to change. Read on for the details.

While Dragon Age 2 had its share of problems, pretty much everyone can agree that the Black Emporium was a lot of fun. From the rare weapons and armor, to the mysterious boxes that moaned and shrieked, to the shriveled, ancient man who owned it, a visit to the Black Emporium was always enjoyable. It seemed like a no-brainer that Inquisition would contain a similarly eclectic shopping experience, but up until now, that wasn’t the case.

black emporium

Starting on May 5th, the Black Emporium will be returning to Dragon Age Inquisition as a free download on all platforms. Once again owned and operated by Xenon the Anitquarian, the Black Emporium will be fully stocked with rare and powerful items ranging from weapons to craft materials and everything in between.

For many players, the most important aspect of the last Black Emporium was the Mirror of Transformation. This object allowed you to access the character creation screen, and make adjustments to your Champion’s facial features. This too is making a return in Dragon Age Inquisition, so all of those annoying little things that have been bugging you about your Inquisitor can now be changed.

The Black Emporium will launch on May 5th as a free update, and once installed, can be accessed through the War Table.

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