Gamescom Trailerpalooza! Sony Edition


Gamescom, The largest gaming convention in the world, is currently being held over in Cologne, Germany, and it’s attracted all the industry heavyweights.  In case you missed Sony’s big press conference, Trailerpalooza is here to help.  We’ve collected all the big trailers and announcements, and put them all in one big package for you.  So read on to experience the Sony Gamescom Trailerpalooza.

The Order: 1886 had a new trailer released just before the press conference, which features Nicola Tesla.

Also released separate from the press conference was a new look at inFAMOUS First Light.

Sony opened the show with a fresh look at Little Big Planet 3.

Then came the first look at actual gameplay from From Software’s Bloodborne.

Up next, from the makers of the Pixeljunk series, comes The Tomorrow Children.

It might not look it, but The Vanishing of Ethan Carter comes from some of the same folks who made Bulletstorm.

Then there’s Volume, from the makers of Thomas Was Alone.

Continuing the theme of cool studios that have made cool stuff you might have heard of, here’s Hellblade, from Ninja Theory, makers of Heavenly Sword.

On the complete opposite end of the emotional spectrum from Hellblade, here’s RIME.

Then came Snow, a new open worlf skiing game with the kind of name that will ensure no one will ever ask what the game is about.

Bungie then took the stage to show off their latest multiplayer trailer for Destiny.

Then it was Ubisoft’s turn, taking the audience on a tour of Far Cry 4′s Kyrat.

Up next was Shadow of Mordor, a new action game that promises to bridge the gap between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

Hideo Kojima then took the stage to introduce a new Metal Gear Solid 5 preview. Snake’s trusty old cardboard box has gotten a number of useful and (unintentionally?) hilarious upgrades.

Up next was the reveal of Until Dawn, from Supermassive Games.

Then came a fresh look at Driveclub.

Tearaway, arguably the best reason to buy a PS Vita, was then announced for PS4.

Next up was the reveal of a brand new IP, Alienation.

Another new IP wrapped up the press conference. Wild, from Rayman creator Marcel Ancel.

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