Grand Theft Auto III: 10 year Anniversary Edition launch trailer


The Grand Theft Auto series is a series that is near and dear to many gamers’ hearts. And now, thanks to the tenth anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto III coming to select iOS and android devices, a whole new bunch of gamers can experience the many joys Grand Theft Auto has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of the series who just wants some Claude in your pocket, or a gamer new to the series, Rockstar has announced Grand Theft Auto III  for iOS and android devices in style – as the trailer below shows.

GTA III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition contains the full console experience of the open world original, with the added bonus that the game has been optimized for touch screen mobile devices. Featuring a new fully scalable and customizable unser interface in addition to upgraded textures, better resolution and draw distances and a new mission replay feature, the game is a must buy for those with an iOS or android device.

The game is out now for select new generation iOS and Android devices and will set you back $4.99. Five bucks for GTA III? Bargain, give me 10. Take a look at the launch trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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