More Mass Effect Andromeda squadmate trailers


We’re into the last few weeks before the release of Mass Effect Andromeda, and it’s at this point where I hoard new information about the game like a squirrel hoards acorns prior to a looong winter. Luckily for me, Bioware has dropped new videos regarding Andromeda’s squadmates and they are amazing.

Yes, I’m aware these videos came out a few days ago, but hey – I’m trailer hoarding now, ok? I have to make these trailers last all the way through the lead up to the game’s release. So when Bioware spoils me by releasing multiple videos, I can’t just watch them all at once – I have to savour them across a few days at least.

But if you’re not like me and you’re demolishing these trailers like a superpowered vacuum cleaner sucks up skittles on a tiled floor, here’s the recently released videos for you to adore.

First up, we have a new Pathfinder team briefing trailer narrated by none other than Lieutenant Cora Harper, a Spaceborn human who’s an Operations Specialist and Biotic Commando who favours her shotgun and biotic charge ability to put the hurt on anyone who gets in her way. The video also introduces Liam Kosta, a crisis response specialist with civilian tactical training, who’s the team’s idealist, as well as S.A.M, who’s…well…I don’t want to spoil it. Take a look at the video below.

Also released recently was a video all about Christine Lakin, the voice of Peebee, Mass Effect Andromeda’s spirited Asari. In the below video, Christine provides a little more insight into Peebee as a character.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases March 21 in North America, with the European release following on March 23.

Bioware, if you’re reading this, I’d just love more trailers. Please.


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