New video explores Evolve’s single player mode

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By now, pretty much everybody knows that Evolve, the upcoming science fiction monster hunting game, is going to be a multiplayer experience. What some people might not know, however, is that the game will feature a robust single player mode as well. While it isn’t an actual campaign, it will let you experience much of what Evolve has to offer. Read on for all the details, and to see it for yourself.

In case you’re still unfamiliar with Evolve, let me bring you up to speed. The game is what we call in the biz an “asymmetrical” multiplayer experience. Teams of four players face off against a monster, and have to kill it while also completing various objectives. The twist is that the monster is controlled not by AI, but by a fifth player. From the beginning, Evolve has been marketed as a multiplayer game. This hasn’t come as a surprise, since it is being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who rose to prominence for creating the Left 4 Dead series. Four player cooperative combat is kinda their thing.

This time, howver, they’re including a full single player mode, which can be played completely offline. If you want to play as a monster, the four opposing humans will be controlled by AI. Play as a human, and the AI will control the monster as well as your three teammates. And don’t worry about choosing a class because you’ll be able to switch between all four human team members at any time. Turtle Rock released a video of the single player mode today, demonstrating both the monster and human sides of battle. Check it out below.

To learn more about Evolve, check out Nick’s beta impressions and developer interview. Evolve will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on February 10th.

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