Watch the opening minutes of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two

bioshock-burial-sea-2-bannerIt’s been just over two months since the first episode of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea was released.  And while we still don’t know when episode two will come along, a new video from Irrational Games at least shows us how the much anticipated final piece of Bioshock DLC begins.  But be warned that spoilers abound, both in this article and the video itself.  So only read on if you’ve played episode one, or are an insatiable spoiler addict.

So if your experience with Burial at Sea was anything like mine, the DLC left you feeling an odd mixture of amazement, frustration, and anticipation.  What began as a breathtaking tour of Rapture at the height of its opulence, soon fell back into uninspiring combat through a long series of dark, dreary environments.  Sure, it was fun, but… meh.  And then there was that ending.  In the game’s final moments, a tsunami of plot nearly knocked me off my couch.  What?  But… with the… how could… were they… what?

For better or worse, it appears as if episode two of Burial at Sea picks up right where episode one left off.  A new video released by Irrational Games contains the first three minutes of the DLC.  You can watch it for yourself below. But I’m warning you: instead of clarifying what the heck happened at the end of episode one, it only compounds the mystery.  You might feel the urge to throw something.

See? See, I warned you. I warned you but you didn’t listen. Now put down whatever you’re about to hurl at the wall, and take a long, deep breath. Thaaaat’s it. Goooood. Feeling better?  Good, I’m glad.  Now for some more bad news.  We still don’t have a release date for Burial at Sea – Episode 2.  You might recall that there was a long four month span between episode one’s first trailer, and its release.  I have to assume the wait won’t be nearly that long this time, but you never know with Ken Levine and Irrational Games.  They don’t like releasing games until they’re perfect, and aren’t afraid to delay releases.  Multiple times, if necessary.  But I suppose you can’t really blame them, considering the quality of what they (eventually) produce.

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