XBL games to include mandatory minimum 400 Gamerscore points from June 1


Ever been turned off from playing an XBL arcade game because it simply doesn’t offer enough Gamerscore points? Wanted to buy a title, but the thought it will only net you 200 points leave a disappointly sour taste in your mouth? Well, today is your lucky day, with Microsoft announcing that come June 1, 2012, all Xbox Live arcade games will be required to offer 400 Gamerscore points to gamers – up from the current 200.

Some upcoming games may take advantage of the increase a little early – with the increase being available (but optional) during April and May. Come June, however, all games will be required to slap down 400 Gamerscore points for gamers to earn as they play.

In addition to this gamerscore points change, XBL Arcade games can also now tempt gamers to play their games with up to 30 achievements within their delightful adventures.

Will this announcement sway you into picking up more XBLA games than you usually do? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VideoGamer

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