Save Game’s complete 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide


The countdown to Christmas has begun, and that means it’s time for Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide. In this complete edition, I’ve collated every one of the 12 gamer gifts featured over the last 12 days. So grab yourself some holiday eggnog, cut a slice of Christmas fruit cake and take a look at all the gifts now conveniently located in one feature!

On the first day of Christmas – Red Dead Redemption Eradicator Soap


The name’s Marston. John Marston. Maybe you’re not the rough-around-the-edges, lives life by the seat of his leather chaps, sexy gentleman that Marston is, but thanks to The Rockstar Warehouse – you can smell like him! You might not think it, but trust me – John Marston smells like WIN. 4 out of 5 Save Game staff members thinks so.

According to the official product description, this soap is tough on blood and manure – which is exactly how a soap should be, dammit! A great gift for a gamer who’s into Red Dead Redemption, or general personal hygiene (and that’s always a great thing to be into), the Eradicator soap will set you back $6.00. You hardly even have to skin that many animals to get that amount of money!

To pick up this fantastic gift, check out the Rockstar Warehouse.

On the second day of Christmas – The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Logo Earrings


Just check these babies out – don’t they look fantastic? Pop a pair of these on and harness your inner Fus Ro Dah and the world will be yours for the taking. The earrings are made of plastic and coated with resin, and are handmade to order for that special, personalised feel.

They will set you back US $9.50 and can be ordered through here. If you like the look of the logo but aren’t an earring person – you can also buy the design as a charm for a necklace here. The necklace version of the logo will set you back US $18.00.

On the third Day of Christmas – Fallout Themed Drinks


Drinks. Drinks never change….unless they’re based on drinks within the Fallout universe, and then they become RAD cool (see what I did there?! No? Tough crowd).

These fantastic Fallout inspired drinks will set you back US $20.02 each, and come in four different types – Sunset Sarsaparilla, Nuka Cola Quartz, Nuka Cola Victory and my favourite, Nuka Cola Quantum. If you’ve got your eye on a particular bottle, make sure you stipulate which bottle you want if you order, unless you want to play Wasteland Roulette and be surprised at which bottle is randomly selected from the group for you. And don’t forget – with every purchase you get a free cap, which can of course be used as currency in the event of a nuclear holocaust. To purchase, click here.

And if you didn’t think these were awesome enough in their own right – there’s also a glowing LED version of the bottles – effectively turning them into fantastic fallout-themed lamps. Two of the fallout lamps will set you back US $46.22 and can be purchased here.

So what are you waiting for? All the cool ghouls are getting these this holiday season!

On the fourth day of Christmas – Mass Effect 8 Bit NES Style Magnets


8 bit nostalgia coming atcha! These fantastic NES style inspired 8 bit magnets feature characters from the Mass Effect universe and are the perfect decoration to adorn your very bland refigerator (and if your fridge isn’t bland, I apologise….you could still do with these magnets, though).

The set includes 4 large magnets featuring Commander Shepard, Wrex, Liara (with glow in the dark action) and everyone’s favourite baddie from the first game, Saren. To finish off the set, you’ll also receive a collectible card of the game’s box art were it released on the NES.

The approximate size of the magnets at their widest points are:

Commander Shepard = 6½” x 5″ (16.5 x 12.5cm)
Dr. Liara T’Soni = 6″ x 5½” (15 x 14cm)
Urdnot Wrex = 7″ x 5½” (17.5 x 14cm)
Saren Arterius = 7″ x 7½” (17.5 x 19cm)
Collectable Card = 2½” x 3½” (6.4cm x 8.9cm)

The complete set of magnets will set you back US $30.00. If you’re interested in picking up a set, you can find the seller’s official site here.

Give in to the 8-bit Mass Effect goodness. You know you want to….

On the fifth day of Christmas – Nathan Drake’s Explorers Ring from Uncharted


Nathan Drake. He’s smart. He’s sexy. He’s got a wicked sense of humor. Let’s be honest here – women want him and men want to be him. He has his own style and his own signature look, and even if you can’t pull off the half-tuck tshirt, you can definitely wear his explorer’s ring.

Some wily gamers may already be in possession of this ring – those of you picking up the Explorer’s edition of Uncharted 3 – however that particular edition of the game sold very quickly, and had quite the expensive price tag attached (at least here in Australia, anyway).

For those of you who didn’t splurge on the Explorer’s edition – never fear – for you now have the opportunity to buy a replica of the ring made famous by Nathan. This particular version of the ring features three inscriptions:

– SIC PARVIS MAGNA: meaning “Greatness from small beginnings”

– 29 Januarie 1596: the day after Sir Francis supposedly died

– 9.32.79: The coordinates of his coffin

As the ring is designed to be worn around your neck, it comes in one size only (US size 10). You can choose which metal you want the ring to be made of, from stainless steel (which will set you back AU $29), antique bronze matte (also AU $29), Silver (at AU $69) and silver glossy (at AU $75).

Those of you wanting to embrace your inner Nathan – you can buy the ring here.

If only they sold Nathan along with the ring. Oh Nathan…..

On the sixth day of Christmas – Mortal Kombat – Retro Belt Buckle


A little bit of Scorpion on your belt, at a price that doesn’t sting at all, this gift is perfect for the retro gamer we all know. Now, at first they might be aghast that a classic game such as Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis (or Sega Mega Drive for those of us downunder) has been turned into a belt buckle. But then they’ll realise how absolutely awesome this fashion statement is, and good luck getting them to wear anything else after that.

The belt buckle fastened onto the back of the cartridge is suitable for a 1.5″ loop, and will set you back US $15.00. If you aren’t a fan of Mortal Kombat, there are other classic retro games on offer, including ‘Zombies Ate My Neighbours’ and ‘Altered Beast’. There’s even a Super Nintendo classic controller belt buckle. To make the Mortal Kombat belt buckle all yours, click here.

On the seventh day of Christmas – L.A Noire Notebook and Pencil Set


I’ll admit. When I was playing L.A Noire, I had total pencil envy. Cole Phelps’ pencil was always so perfectly sharp. And his notebook was always so wonderfully crisp looking. I looked at the pencils I had in my house, and I wondered whether such pencil and notebook perfection could exist and if it did, where I could find such a thing. And then I found the Rockstar Warehouse, and I had pencil envy no more.

For the budding writers out there – or just for those of you who loved L.A Noire – Rockstar is selling a Notebook and Pencil set branded with the signature L.A Noire logo. It’s everything you’ve always wanted without knowing you’ve always wanted it. Now you can keep your own ‘Persons of Interest’ list, and keep your pencils as perfectly sharp as Cole Phelps.

The set costs US $20 and comes with 5 pencils. And the pencils even come in their own L.A Noire branded box. Isn’t that just the best?!

Those of you interested in picking up a little bit of L.A Noire pencil perfection can click here.

On the eighth day of Christmas – Resident Evil – Umbrella Corporation Cufflinks


During a hard day of synthesising that extremely scientific T-virus zombie-enabler concoction, it’s important to keep your sleeves clean of any and all convicting evidence. With these cufflinks featuring the logo of the Umbrella Corporation – you don’t ever have to worry about getting your hands dirty ever again!

These cufflinks are hand-made out of polymer clay, and will set you back US $27.00, but the peace of mind they will give you will enable you to sleep like the dead. The recently undead, in fact.

And lets face it – sporting these at a work function will make you the coolest business mogul representing a sinister evil mega-corporation ever in the history of ever.

Head on over to the seller’s website here to pick up a pair. Or maybe two pairs. Just in case you have to leave your corporate-owned house in the middle of the day because a ‘situation’ has arisen at the super secret testing facility that’s been built a little too close to the city…..

On the ninth day of Christmas – RPG Class, Race and Alignment Perfumes


Gaming is a hard hobby, especially if you’re an RPG fan. Controlling your custom-made character in Skyrim, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate or any of the medieval themed RPG offerings, you can spend months of fighting orcs and trolls and dwarfs and elves, delving into dungeons and caves, looting crates and cupboards. And all this work can leave you smelling well…not so great. But never fear – for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has you covered (your character is another matter).

I admit to being an absolute stickler for perfumes, so stumbling across this RPG themed set made my day. Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs have crafted unique perfumes for each of the main Races, Classes and Alignments seen in RPGs. From Dwarfs to Half-Elves, Fighters to Mages, Lawful to Chaotic – everything is accounted for. The deal here is that each perfume has been designed to compliment the others in the series, enabling you to combine scents as you create your character: you layer your class, race, and the two scents that constitute your alignment to create your character’s unique scent. Pretty impressive, right?

Each perfume oil blend comes in an amber apocathery vial and will set you back US $17.50 for 5ml. Sign me up for a Fighter and Ranger perfume, thanks.

To browse the very large selection of perfume oils, click here.

On the tenth day of Christmas – Bioshock – Plasmid Rings


Would you kindly….OK I won’t go there. But you don’t need to be mind-tricked into wanting to buy these delightful plasmid rings, anyway. Based on the plasmids found in the original Bioshock game (and that’s Electrobolt and Winter Blast specifically for those of you playing at home) the images are set in an oxidized brass ornate ring and covered with a 15mm round bevelled glass cameo. The rings are adjustible as well, which is good news for all you gamers with larger fingers (or smaller fingers, as the case may be).

The store also has other plasmid rings on offer, including Telekinesis, Incinerate and Insect Swarm, as well as an assortment of other rings and pendants from other gaming series (including Fallout, Portal, Mass Effect, Zelda and more). Each ring will set you back £4.50, which is around US $7.05. To grab your plasmid ring, check out the seller’s website here.

Just don’t expect that wearing these rings will actually give you the powers illustrated in their pictures. I made that assumption with a supergirl costume once and the result was…awkward.

On the eleventh day of Christmas – Dragon Age II – Templar, Chantry, Kirkwall and The House of Tides Coasters


It’s thirsty business, this darkspawn slaying. And thirsty business calls for a drink. But who wants glass rings on their coffee tables? That is completely not-OK.

No need to panic, however, as there exists a solution to this problem – Dragon Age II themed drink coasters! Each coaster weighs approximately 1 pound, is plated in black nickel, and is 1:8-inch thick. The coasters are made out of solid metal, and a pack of four will set you back US $16.99. When ordering, you can decide to receive one of each design, or receive 4 of the same design. The coasters are available here.

On the twelfth day of Christmas – Video game themed tshirts featuring Afterlife Club from Mass Effect 2


Cast your peepers on this baby – inspired by the Afterlife Club which features prominently in Mass Effect 2 – and the best part of the tshirt is that it is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. No more looking like a potato sack, ladies, as this fantastic shirt takes into acount the feminine form.

The base colour is ‘shockwave purple’ and the design is one of my all time favourite Mass Effect styled tshirts (and I’ve seen a lot, believe me). Pop this shirt on your body and gamers everywhere will know you’ve got geek cred (just remember to also wear pants, too, if you’re going out). An amazingly stylized shirt representing an iconic location in Mass Effect 2.

To buy the female version of the tshirt, click here and for the male version, click here. Both versions of the shirt are available for US $30 each. And to sweeten the deal, the seller offers free delivery – and that includes international delivery. That’s right, guys – no shipping costs. If Mass Effect isn’t your thing, the seller also has a variety of other video game inspired tshirts, from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Sonic, Zelda, Dead Space, Fallout, Assassin’s Creed and more. Have a browse through their site if you’re interested in their other offerings.

And with that, Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide comes to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sampling of video game themed merchandise I’ve found across the web, and if you have, please let me know in the comments section below. I hope that next year you’ll join me for another 12 gifts perfect for the gamer in your life!

About the Author: Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Tash is a self-diagnosed gaming fanatic with a doctorate in Psychology. She's also a self-confessed Mass Effect fangirl and will likely talk your ears off if you ever get her started on the subject. A lover of all things RPG and adventure, she has more gamer related action figures and memorabilia than any 30 something year old professional has a right to own, and has spent more time than she’d like to admit to daydreaming about exactly what she would do should the Zombie Apocalypse actually happen.

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