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Mobile Monday: Chrono Trigger


As part of our Mobile Monday feature, I was very excited to learn that I could now play Square Enix’s Chrono Trigger on my iPhone.  It was a favorite of mine many years ago when one would be hard pressed to find me not hunched over my SNES controller, sitting on the floor ignoring things like “outside” and “playmates.”  I was curious to see if this game still held up to my lofty opinion of it in my youth. 

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Chrono Trigger Coming to Android and iOS


I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t squeal like a ten year old girl who just got a pony when I saw this.  Chrono Trigger was one of my favorite SNES games as a kid and now I’ll get to play it on my phone.  The “Square Enix Market” in the works is planning on porting other fun titles like Final Fantasy Legends, Itadaki Street, and Dragon Quest Monsters too.  There’s even a little teaser page where you can see all your friends and get giddy as freakin’ punch over it.

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