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US Gamestop hosting special pre-launch PS4 parties on Nov 10

They may not be calling them ‘parties’ per se, but when you combine a video games console, refreshments, triple bonus credit and freebies, what else could you possibly call them?

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Got questions about The Order: 1886? Sony has some answers

When The Order: 1886 debuted at Sony’s E3 press conference a few weeks ago, there were basically two reactions.  First: “that was awesome.”  Second: “what the heck was that?”  To help with that second reaction, Sony has released an interview with one of the creative minds behind the game.  Read on for the details.

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Sony teases their E3 reveal of Playstation 4

Did you feel that?  That slight shudder coursing through your body, unfamiliar and tantalizing?  What could it be?  What delicious shivering pleasure awaits you on June 10th at E3?  Lay back and just relax.  Sony is revealing the Playstation 4 and it will be everything you’ve ever dreamed.

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New details on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs

If you watched the recent PS4 announcement presentation you will have likely seen a teaser of Ubisoft’s upcoming game Watch Dogs. And if you were like me, you would probably have been wondering why that game isn’t released right now and how unfair it is that you can’t be playing it as we speak. Thankfully, for all those like me who just can’t wait to play this game, Ubisoft have provided a few more details about Watch Dogs to tide us over until its release.

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Sony officially announces the PlayStation 4 (UPDATED)

 Well, it’s official.  Sony has unveiled the PlayStation 4.  Most of it, anyway.  Everything but the console itself, actually.  But pretty much everything else.  Read on for all the details, and a digital TON of video.

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E3 Expo 2012 will not feature Playstation 4 announcement, says Hirai


Following rumors that Sony may be gearing up to announce the successor to the Playstation 3 at this years E3 Expo, Kaz Hirai, head of Sony consumer products has stated that Sony will not be making any new hardware announcements at E3. Hirai’s comments came after a reporter speaking to Hirai at a press roundtable at CES, referenced the remarks of Andrew House, the head of Sony’s videogame division. House had previously stated last year that no announcement relating to future console iterations would be made at the show.

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Rumor: Next Xbox and Playstation to be shown at E3 2012


We here at Save Game don’t usually report on rumors, but this is one rumor that just won’t go away. According to UK publication MCVUK, both Microsoft and Sony will be unveiling the successors to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 during this year’s E3 Expo. If this rumor is correct, this would put Microsoft and Sony in direct competition with Nintendo’s announcement concerning Wii U launch details, which has already been confirmed to be happening during the event.

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