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Double Fine announces Headlander

It’s Atari nostalgia to the MAX with Headlander – read Shaun’s news report on the game below! Double Fine Productions have announced their next game Headlander, which will be published in association with Adult Swim Games. It’s a retro 80-themed Sci-Fi side-scrolling romp, filled to the brim with neon, robots, and lasers. The announce trailer doesn’t give away much in the way of story, but does show off the game’s core mechanic- the ability to detach your head from your current body and attach it to another. Anyone anyone else getting visions of Nixon in Futurama? There are numerous body […]

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Documentary ‘Double Fine Adventure’ is Complete

The Double Fine Adventure documentary is complete! 2 Player Productions have just announced they have completed work on the behind-the-scenes series that chronicles the development of Broken Age.

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Review: Grim Fandango Remastered

9 out of 10 Excellent Recommended

In the dying days of the Golden Age of Adventure Games, genre stalwarts Lucasarts released a daring game that strode into the still-novel waters of three-dimensional gaming. That was Grim Fandango, the noirish tale of Manny Calavera, a lowly salesman with the Department of Death, peddling travel packages to the recently deceased. It was the last great adventure game put out by the studio, followed in genre only by the mostly forgettable Escape from Monkey Island. Written and Directed by Tim Schafer, Grim was something special.

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Double Fine releases Broken Age, has a very weird day

  It’s days like this that make me glad I don’t work in public relations.  Double Fine released their long awaited adventure game, Broken Age, to kickstarter backers today, and turned what should have been a triumphant victory lap into a scramble to control rumors and speculation.  Sound like fun?  It probably wasn’t.  Read on for the details.

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Double Fine publicly unveils Broken Age

Hey, remember Tim Schafer?  The creator of such classics as Monkey Island and Psychonauts made headlines last year when he broke records for fundraising on Kickstarter.  Now he’s finally ready to (sort of) unveil his next project.  Read on for the details.

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Double Fine Breaks $1M on Kickstarter


There is a man named Tim Shafer.  If you haven’t heard of this man you should probably know that he’s one of the names to know in gaming.  Back in 2000 he founded the game company Double Fine and since then the studio has brought us such whimsical titles as Psychonauts, Costume Quest, Monkey Island and Brutal Legend among other delightul titles.  And now Double Fine is making an adventure game (they’re not dead!) – with your help – on Kickstarter.  And in less than 24 hours they’ve managed to raise over one million dollars for the project. 

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