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Minecraft Console Edition’s BIG #TU31 update


  Yes, the long awaited Title Update 31 is finally coming to Minecraft: Console Edition. Right now. Ish.

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E3 Trailerpalooza 2015: Microsoft Edition


  Welcome back to Trailerpalooza 2015. Bethesda opened things up last night with an exciting set of new material, but now it’s time for the headliners to take the stage. First up today is Microsoft. Will the big green machine have more than Halo and Tomb Raider to show off? Let’s find out.

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HoloLens to be Shown at E3


Microsoft’s HoloLens, the company’s take on VR/AR headset technology, is going to be shown at E3.

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Ex-Rare Devs Announce Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor, ‘Yooka-Laylee’


Yooka-Laylee (previously entitled ‘Project Ukelele’), a 3D platformer being made by a team of ex-Rare developers, is the official title of what is set to be the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie from the Nintendo 64.

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Bethesda Holding First E3 Conference


Bethesda are holding a stand-alone E3 press conference for the first time ever. The conference will be held on June 14, the Sunday before E3, in Los Angeles, California.

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Review: Sunset Overdrive

8.5 out of 10 Great

When one thinks of a zombie apocalypse, a vibrant metropolis crawling energy drink–infused mutations usually would not be among the first visuals to come to mind, but that’s exactly what Sunset Overdrive is. The latest title by developer Insomniac Games takes the tired trope and supercharges it in a third-person shooter with colourful characters, fast-paced platforming and the most unlikely of projectile launchers that pass as weapons.

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Weekend News Recap


Witcher 3 DLC! Dragon Age Inquisition naughty bedroom talk! Call of Duty! Halo stuff! Exclamation points! Please stop me! This past week there was some big news so in case you missed it, we have you covered.

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Got a noisy Xbox One? Microsoft will replace it for you.


Oh no, not again.  With the memories of blinking red rings still fresh in the minds of Xbox owners, reports of another Xbox defect have begun to surface.  Thankfully, this one won’t brick your machine.  It’ll just annoy you, slowly wearing away at your sanity until you snap, and smash your brand new Xbox One to bits.  Read on for the details.

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Some lucky Xbox owners being offered $75 credit to upgrade to an Xbox One


Some lucky Xbox owners across the US, UK and Canada are being offered $75 credit to upgrade to an Xbox One.

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Xbox One Launch Guide


With one day to release of the Xbox One worldwide, there’s no better time to start talking all things Xbawx. Queue our special launch guide for the Xbox One – covering a rundown of all the games available at launch (with swanky trailers), details of midnight launches across the world and highlights of good deals going at launch. Without further ado, our specially prepared Launch Guide for the Xbox One – and unlike other people, we won’t make you pay for it!

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