Darth Vader Playable in Star Wars Battlefront Online Multiplayer


What’s a Star Wars game without Darth Vader, right? At a presentation at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim yesterday, Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE revealed that Darth Vader will be a playable character in the game’s online multiplayer mode.

The announcement was made during a presentation by DICE at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. While details are minimal at this point, it appears that Darth Vader is akin to an unlockable power-up, alongside explosives, X-wings, jet-packs, and walkers on auto-pilot mode. Darth Vader has to be found on a map – somehow – and then, when unlocked, allows players to use him for one spawn. It seems as though there is only one Vader per game, though this is unconfirmed, as a LucasArts representative said that Vader will “act as a boss on the battlefield.”

The presentation shown featured Darth Vader killing an enemy rebel with a force-choke, and then deflecting lasers with the light-saber. Try not to think about which move is more badass. You’ll drive yourself mad. It seems as though Darth Vader is notably over-powered compared to the regular Stormtroopers and human rebels featured, which is likely why he is only unlockable once. Wether this is once per game or once per player is currently unconfirmed.

We contacted DICE for more details but they were unable to comment.

Star Wars Battlefront is releasing on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 17th, with its first DLC releasing on December 8th, or December 1st if you pre-order.

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