Star Wars Battlefront DLC, Missions and Partner System

star-wars-battlefront‘The Force Awakens’, a free DLC based on the Battle of Jakku, a location that is going to be in the upcoming Star Wars movie, has been announced for Star Wars Battlefront.
The DLC will act as a prologue to the events that will be in the new film, and is set to release on December 8th, with the film releasing on December 18th. For those who pre-order, the DLC will be available on December 1st. Battlefront is also set to have its own independent story for those wanting to play offline or split-screen co-op, known as Battlefront ‘missions’ that will unlock advantages in multiplayer.

In order to prevent over-levelling for those who may purchase Star Wars Battlefront after the release of The Force Awakens film and the Jakku DLC, the game features a ‘partner’ system. This allows players to partner with one another so they are automatically paired in multiplayer, spawn with each other and share unlocks. If a new player partners with an older player, they will be able to advance faster to catch up to their partner.

Star Wars Battlefront is releasing on November 17th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Force Awakens DLC is set to release on December 8th.

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