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T.P.A.T. Highlights – Two Worlds II

You may have tuned in on our Twitch channel for the last couple of weeks to experience Tash Plays a Turd, wherein our heroine bravely traverses the kinds of games that you wouldn’t want to play, all so you don’t have to.

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Review – State of Decay

9 out of 10 Excellent Recommended

The jaded gamer could well be forgiven for casually glancing at State of Decay and thinking ‘just another zombie game.’ And yet, Undead Labs have created an open world zombie apocalypse experience that is unlike anything previously released. Here is a game that is innovative, unique, creative, and one that challenges not only your assumptions about what a ‘zombie game’ can be, but the very way in which you choose to tackle the experience.

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Save Game – No Data Available – Episode 10

We’ve missed you guys, and I’m sure you’ve missed us. So here is Episode 10 of No Data Available, where Tash and Jen are talking about games that were released during the first half of 2013.

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Casual Friday – A Ride Into the Mountains

Put on your favorite super hero t-shirt, head to work, maybe even get yourself that bacon egg and cheese sandwich today.  Because it’s Casual Friday and this week I’ve been playing A Ride Into the Mountains from Chia-Yu Chen & Lee-Kuo Chen.

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Review – The Last of Us

10 out of 10 Superb Recommended

As I sit here after having finished The Last Of Us, my thoughts and opinions swirling through my mind, I wonder how I can communicate all I’ve just experienced. How do you put into words what has been the most emotionally intense experience I have ever had whilst playing a video game? In the end, I expect it’s simply a matter of being completely honest, and the truth is The Last of Us is a perfectly paced, perfectly planned and perfectly realised game.

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Casual Friday – Planet Plop

  Today for Casual Friday, I’m wearing some raggedy sandals, a tank top with a stain on it, and playing the game Planet Plop.

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Preview – State of Decay

These days, you could be forgiven for rolling your eyes as yet another zombie apocalypse themed game releases. However, State of Decay from Undead Labs – the most recent title featuring the shambling undead – offers something more than just your run of the mill zombie smashing action experience. State of Decay is a unique take on what’s fast becoming a tired genre, offering an incredibly detailed and nuanced open world zombie survival horror experience to Xbox 360 and PC owners.

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Living in a powder keg: Battlefield 4

If you’re a fan of games where you run around cities and warzones, shooting at enemies with similarly dressed squad mates then get excited because Battlefield 4 is coming to a platform near you! I was lucky to see a live gameplay demonstration presented by David Silvermann (Global Director of International Marketing, EA) and this latest instalment of the Battlefield franchise includes more vehicles and more destruction for fans of the series, and introduces features to bring in new initiates. Built using the Frostbite 3 engine, Silvermann discussed the benefit of this in the symbiotic relationship between the engine and […]

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Hands on with the Elder Scrolls Online

Katy Goodman dances in the streets of Daggerfall, participates in a Harvest Festival gone wrong, tanks some evil bugs, and chats with creative director Paul Sage—all with her partner in crime, Robyn Miller.

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E3 Destinypalooza

  While there have been plenty of huge reveals at this year’s E3, few games have garnered as much attention as Bungie’s Destiny.  The ambitious shared world shooter has received an enormous amount of press coverage the last few days, and we’ve got all of it right here.  We think.  

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