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Jason Graves to pen original Tomb Raider score


Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have announced that Jason Graves, the award winning composer who has worked on scores for the likes of Dead Space, Alpha Protocol and Fear 3, will be penning the original score for Tomb Raider.

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Slingshot content pack now available for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XComTitle copy

XCOM fans – take note. The Slingshot content pack, the first add-on content for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, is now available for PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

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Play Halo, Win a Pickup Truck


To most gamers, playing is probably its own reward.  For a lot of people, though, winning isn’t enough.  They want rewards.  They want recognition.  They want a way to show others what they’ve accomplished.  Achievements, trophies, avatar awards… the list goes on and on.  But what if that isn’t enough?  The developers of Halo 4 might have an answer.  Read on to see to what I mean.

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Wanna Watch 15 seconds of Bioshock Infinite?


I don’t know about you, but I’m a little sick of waiting for Bioshock Infinite.  Actually, I’m a LOT sick of waiting for it.  Sometimes, it feels like February 26th will never come.  But it will come, and Irrational Games are getting ready to unveil brand new footage at this week’s Video Game Awards.  Would you like to get a sneak peak?  Of course you would.  Read on to see it.

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Deus Ex DLC heading to Hitman Absolution


If you were as much a fan of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Adam Jensen as I was, today is about to get a whole lot better for you. IO Interactive have announced two new Deus Ex themed pieces of DLC for Hitman: Absolution.

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Review – Need for Speed: Most Wanted

There are games that hold a special place in your heart – ones that you look back on with fond memories because your experience when playing them was magical. The original Need for Speed: Most Wanted was this kind of game for me. I am pleased to say that the current re-imagining of Need for Speed: Most Wanted by Criterion and EA Games retains all the magic I remember, and adds more.

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Review: Medal of Honor – Warfighter


The modern militaristic shooter is a crowded genre, already featuring heavy hitters like the Call of Duty franchise. For a game to stand out amidst the shooter crowd, it needs to be a powerhouse in its own right – well executed and planned gameplay must combine with excellently realised set pieces, responsive control mechanics, logical AI and strong visuals and storytelling. Unfortunately for Medal of Honor Warfighter, it fails in every single one of these elements.

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New Halo 4 Maps Already on the Way


Well, that was quick.  Three weeks after the launch of Halo 4, 343 Industries is already showing off their first batch of downloadable content.  That’s right, more maps are on the way.  And they’ll be here pretty darned quickly.  Read on for all the details and a nifty little trailer.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 gameplay footage released

If you haven’t heard about Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – here’s the perfect way to educate yourself – with City Interactive unveiling exclusive gameplay footage. Releasing on PS3, Xbox360 and PC, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is powered by the CryENGINE 3 engine, and sees players don the ghilliesuit of a special ops sniper to take down the enemy. The game itself is an FPS which features stealth, hand-to-hand assassinatins and sniping, with the hook of the game being its realistic bullet physics: players must take into account distance, wind and bullet rop when sniping enemies. In addition to the singleplayer […]

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Bungie Watch: Yay More Leaks Edition


It’s been a long time since our last edition of Bungie Watch, and it’s not because we’ve been lazy.  There has literally been nothing of note to report since our last update all the way back in May. But ohhhhh man, has that ever changed.  Read on for the details.  And pictures!  Actual, offical images!

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