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Nick grew up during the golden age of adventure games, sweeping him away to worlds that left him with a love of storytelling . He’s become a devotee of the Xbox, but thinks there’s room for all of the maker’s platforms. He considers Mass Effect itself to be the defining accomplishment of humanity, which would only be surpassed by the construction of an actual mass relay. When he’s not reliving the Shakarian dream, he’s drawn most to RPGs, open world games, and hours upon hours of building things in Minecraft.

Interview – Graham Nardone, Associate Producer of The Sims 4

Mor goobida bibso neb neb? Nar harmy glarch! I remember a household I made in the first The Sims game, way back when it was released. While most of the family were spending their days earning money, making friends and trying to get ahead in the rat race, there was Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob was eccentric. Thanks to mods from the time, he dressed like a King. Bob liked to make life difficult for the others in the house, and would frequently interrupt them and impose his wild indulgences on them. With The Sims 4 due to be released next […]

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Community Report: EA Gamescom Event

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find negative opinions about EA. Google might be your friend, but the auto-completes suggests that its no friend of EA. The company was voted ‘Worst Company in the World’ in 2012 and 2013, and if you weren’t a gamer, you would be scratching your head about what this evil corporation might be up to. When you hear of things like that, you start to wonder – what twisted sort of person might work there? Are they filled with loathing and contempt for those beyond, or are they perhaps like John Smith from […]

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