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Free Ride: The Last Stand – Dead Zone


Everyone likes something free right?  Well we at Save Game do too so we’ve started checking out some of the Free to Play games out there to let you know if they’re worth your time and even possibly your money.  The first game on our list is The Last Stand – Dead Zone from Con Artist Games.

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Save Game’s Celebration of the Saints: A series of Saints Row themed cocktails


Saints Row IV is almost upon us. We’ve strapped ourselves in and we’re ready to experience what is one of our most anticipated games of 2013. But before we dive deeply into the awesomeness that is Saints Row IV, we thought we’d look back on all the Saints that have come before, and celebrate their contribution to the series. We present to you our Celebration of the Saints: A series of Saints Row themed cocktails.

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Casual Friday – Knightmare Tower

9.5 out of 10 Excellent Recommended

  Be sure to get your favorite breakfast sandwich, wear your cool video game t-shirt to work and duck out early for a beer. Because it’s Casual Friday, and this week I took a look at Knightmare Tower from Juicy Beast.

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T.P.A.T. Highlights – Aliens: Colonial Marines


Tash and Christine are regular humanitarians. They play these games so you don’t have to.  It’s a fun two and a half hours of god awful wretchedness featuring some great giveaways and a lot of hilarity.  And also there are bad games.  So many bad games. Strap into your space ship, grab your motion sensor, and try not to get a giant egg shoved into your throat while we bring you the highlights of this fantastical turd.

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Tales of a Gaming Wannabe: Your Crash Course in Gaming from the Person Who Knows Nothing About Gaming


I’ve always kinda liked video games. Boredom is not a word that factors in my vocabulary. I’ve got a lot of hobbies, way more than is reasonable for any human being. In no particular order, I am obsessed with and spend probably six or more hours a week on each of the following: reading, writing, knitting, fitness, music, film, cooking…We all have our vices. Being someone who’s kind of obsessed with stories in all forms, it’s a miracle I wasn’t ever obsessed with video games. Chalk it up to time – there are only so many hours in the day.

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T.P.A.T. Highlights – Two Worlds II


You may have tuned in on our Twitch channel for the last couple of weeks to experience Tash Plays a Turd, wherein our heroine bravely traverses the kinds of games that you wouldn’t want to play, all so you don’t have to.

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The PAX Australia that was – event report


As the dust settles on the first Penny Arcade Expo held here in Australia,  it provides the chance to look back on what was, beyond a doubt, one of the best game themed community events on Australian shores. From the developers featuring their labours of love in the Expo hall to the community events in both the Big Top and the theatres, the three days of PAX Australia showcased the very best of aussie creative talent. If you were a jaded gamer, PAX Australia acted as a shot in the arm of pure, undiluted awesome inspiration.

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Casual Friday – Planet Plop


  Today for Casual Friday, I’m wearing some raggedy sandals, a tank top with a stain on it, and playing the game Planet Plop.

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QANTAS Spirit of Youth Awards interview with Joshua McGrath


If there’s one thing everyone working within the games industry would agree with, it’s that it’s an industry that requires a lot from those who work within it. A lot of passion, a lot of dedication, and a lot of hard work. This is doubly the case when it comes to the Aussie games scene which features such a high level of talent that one must do something exceptionally amazing to stand out. One such person who has achieved this is Joshua McGrath from Doppler Interactive, the 2013 winner of the QANTAS Spirit of Youth Award for the category of […]

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The Sims 3 – Save Game: University Life!

Late for class!

  For those of you just joining this little adventure, the idea is this:  I made some Sims from our Save Game family here and popped them into a world with a ton of expansion packs so I could gleefully watch silliness ensue.  It’s been a treat.  You may remember that last time we left our Sims, they’d all enrolled in college, which I can only assume is totally natural for people who are about 30 years old.

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