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Revisiting The Secret World


It’s been awhile since The Secret World was released, and I hadn’t heard a whole lot of buzz since then. On a whim I picked it up and played and then I made a video.

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In case you missed it, here’s all the good stuff from VGX 2013


Just in case you had better things to do than stay home on a Saturday night and watch a three hour awards show with no audience in which very few awards were actually given out, we’ve got everything you need to see from VGX 2013, right here.  Because we have no lives.

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The Save Game Black Friday Survival Guide


Yes, it’s that time again.  When Americans come together as one, and celebrate our most treasured holiday.  No, not Thanksgiving.  Black Friday, the day we get to do what we do best.  No, not eat.  The other thing we do best: spend money.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the best game related bargains out there, both in-store and online.  So get your credit cards ready and read on.

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Xbox One Launch Guide


With one day to release of the Xbox One worldwide, there’s no better time to start talking all things Xbawx. Queue our special launch guide for the Xbox One – covering a rundown of all the games available at launch (with swanky trailers), details of midnight launches across the world and highlights of good deals going at launch. Without further ado, our specially prepared Launch Guide for the Xbox One – and unlike other people, we won’t make you pay for it!

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T.P.A.T. Highlights – Duke Nukem Forever


It’s time again for another TPAT, where Tash and Christine are taking on the testosterone fueled alien slaying too tight tank top laden Duke Nukem Forever.

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Playstation 4 Launch Guide


With one day to release of the PS4 in North America and Canada, we thought it high time we started talking all things PS4. Queue our special launch guide for the PS4 – covering a rundown of all the games available at launch (with swanky trailers), details of midnight launches for both the US and Australia and highlights of good deals going at launch. So grab your drink of choice, kick back and take a look at our specially prepared Launch Guide for the PS4.

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The censoring of the Saints: an evaluation of Australia’s games censorship system


Remember the buzz in the Australian gaming scene at the start of the year when we finally got that R18+ category?  It was like Christmas came a week and a bit late! The first half of the year was exciting as we saw various titles released under that shiny new red label that otherwise would not have been seen in their unmodified form in this country. Yet like all good parties someone arrived a little too drunk, upset some people and was refused entry.  What surprised most was that it wasn’t an overtly offensive game, like the Japanese Eroge RapeLay, […]

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Glare is Bright, Brilliant, Shiny and Various Other Light Descriptive Adjectives


  Everyone at PAX was super excited about all the big name things coming out.  I’m included in this.  I’m all a titter over The Elder Scrolls Online, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and any number of the titles that usually get the spotlight, but one of the games that outshined the rest for me was Glare, a side scrolling action platformer from Phobic Studios.

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PAX Indie Roundup

speed runners

One of the coolest things about PAX is that independent developers really have a place to shine on the show floor.  Some are scattered about, but most will be found in the Indie Megabooth, which is where I spent a lot of my time.  I saw a lot of games while I was there, and all of them had something unique and interesting to offer.  Here are are just a few of those that really stood out for me, though there are plenty more on the way to be excited about.  

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The Elder Scrolls Online, or How I’ll Lose My Job, Spouse, and Personal Hygiene


  Yesterday morning at PAX I was treated to the opportunity to sit down with the PC version of The Elder Scrolls Online and immediately saw my life circling the drain.

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