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Update 10 for DC Universe Online now live


Excellent news for DC Universe Online players, with game update 10 now live. The main feature of the update is the overhauled On Duty UI which will now look and feel a lot more like the layout of the game’s mission journal.

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New Baldur’s Gate announcement on the horizon


Here’s something for all you Baldur’s Gate fans – and I know we have a few here. Beamdog, the firm who sports quite a few ex-Bioware employees, has given the old Baldur’s Gate website an impressive new coat of paint – updating it to include a very swanky looking new graphic in addition to a rousing new song.

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Ubisoft hints Assassin’s Creed III announcement imminent


Great news for fans of the Assassin’s Creed series of games, with Ubisoft deciding to announce via its Facebook Page that “a major announcement from Assassin’s Creed is only days away.” So there we have an announcement to announce and announcement! Joy of joys!

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600 Blizzard employees lose jobs as company reduces workforce


Sadly even the larger studios aren’t immune to job losses and company restructuring, with Blizzard announcing today that 600 employees will lose their jobs as a result of a global reduction in workforce.

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Mass Effect 3 Tour of the new Normandy [Spoiler Free]


We are T-minus 5 days and counting here in the lead up to the Mass Effect 3 launch, and it’s no surprise that we have yet another Mass Effect themed news story for you. This time, it’s a spoiler free tour of the new Normandy.

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This Week in Skyrim Patch News: PC Only Edition


Yes, yes, it is that time again.  Time to grab your glowsticks and karoake machine because it’s time for a patch party!   But this time, only PC users have been invited.  All you console users will have to wait for the eventual blurry cellphone pics, shaky webcam videos, and poorly spelled twitter updates about the party being off the hook.  Do people still say “off the hook?”  Anyway, read on for the details.

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Your kids are still fat and active Wii games won’t help


According to a study of 78 kids in Texas, playing “active” video games didn’t help them burn more calories than if they were just sitting on their chubby little asses.

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Kingslayer trailer


The wait for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on the Xbox360 is almost over…well not really, but when CD Projekt Red brings out these trailers I feel like the wait to April 17th is made a little easier. Sadly, the newest trailer doesn’t feature shirtless Geralt, but what it does feature is a very nice collection of general (without spoiling) plot-centric details, providing an overview of what Geralt is facing in the game.

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I am Alive Developer Diary released


Developer Diaries – they’re so hot right now. And the newest dev diary on the block comes from Ubisoft Shanghai, who are providing a little bit of insider insight into their upcoming strategic survival game I Am Alive.

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EA reveals new Medal of Honor


Well… I suppose it had to happen. After teasing its existence for a year, EA has officially unveiled the sequel to 2010’s Medal of Honor, entitled Warfighter. Details are scarce at the moment, but read on to learn what is known, and to get a better look at the game’s first official art, starring Mr. Serious here…  

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