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3 new DLC packs for DOA 5 released


Lets get ready to….jiggle. Good news, fighter fans – Team Ninja have released three new downloadable content packs for Dead or Alive 5. These packs are able to be downloaded now from the Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, and offer an interesting mix of new costumes.

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Call of Duty Black Ops II Information Palooza


We’re counting down the days until the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops II – one of the most anticipated titles of 2012. In the lead up to its release, it seems Activision has kicked into trailer and content overload.

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Bioshock Infinite Limited Editions and New Trailer Unveiled


That thunderous crash you heard over the weekend was my jaw hitting the floor not once, but twice, thanks to Irrational Games.  They not only unveiled their limited and uber-limited editions of Bioshock Infinite, but they also debuted a brand new trailer that showed off some amazing new gameplay.  Read on for all the details.  

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Bioware Unveils Dragon Age 3 Concept Art, Gameplay Details


This was the weekend of the big Comic and Entertainment Expo up in Edmonton, Canada, which just so happens to be the home base of Bioware.  Being the super cool folks that they are, they chose the expo as the place to show off some brand new DA3 concept art and gameplay details.  Read on for all the details.

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Gameplay feature – Multiplayer trailer


It’s always thrilling to come first in a Need for Speed singleplayer race, but it’s even better coming first in multiplayer races or challenges. That feeling of leaving all your friends behind and sliding into first place is something to savor. For all those multiplayer fiends out there, EA have released a new trailer focusing on the multiplayer element of Need For Speed: Most Wanted – and let me just say it’s sure to rev your excitement up.

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Interview with Kristoffer Bergqvist Creative Director at Danger Close Games for MOHW


During the EB Games Expo 2012, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down with Kristoffer Bergqvist, the Creative Director of Multiplayer at Danger Close Games, and talk to him about all things Medal of Honor Warfighter. We covered a variety of subjects, with Kristoffer fielding questions on multiplayer, authenticity vs fun, spidermines and more. The full transcript of the interview is below.  

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Medal of Honor Warfighter trailer blowout


It’s not long now before the release of Medal Of Honor Warfighter – we’re counting down the days here at Save Game – and to celebrate the impending release it seems EA have gone trailer crazy.

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Get your inner megalomaniac groove on with the Sim City disaster trailer


As much as I enjoy creating my own city, watching the population grow and develop and sharing in its triumphs and achievements, what I really love is seeing my society crumble in the wake of a massive disaster. Natural. Man made. Alien. It doesn’t matter – nothing beats the endorphin rush I get when I see my city beset with disasters. So you can imagine my delight at seeing the latest disaster trailer for Sim City.

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Review: Retro City Rampage


Retro City Rampage began as Brian Provinciano’s remake of Grand Theft Auto 3 for the NES, and much like the GTA games, you start off doing one thing, then get distracted which results in having more fun playing around than you would have if you just finished the mission. I’m glad this game exists. So many games rely on some pixel art and a couple of “A winner is you” references and think that it accurately captures what the 80’s pop culture/video game scene was like. Retro City Rampage finally gets it right.

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Dead Space 3 – Eudora Gameplay Walkthrough


Something spooky this way comes, with the latest gameplay walkthrough of EA‘s upcoming scare-fest Dead Space 3. And it’s perfect timing given Halloween is right around the corner.

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