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Hitman Absolution Living Breathing World and Ultimate Assassin trailers


We’re into the countdown to the release of Hitman Absolution, and IO Interactive have released more trailers, this time celebrating and exploring the ‘living, breathing world’ of Hitman Absolution, and showcasing everyone’s favourite bald assassin, Agent 47.

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Commencing GTA5 Info Dump!

The slowly dripping faucet that has been releasing miniscule amounts of info on the next Grand Theft Auto game over the last year or so has suddenly turned into raging torrent.  Game Informer, as they do, have unveiled exclusive details, and we’ve got them for you.

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Bethesda Unveils Dragonborn DLC


Hey, so let me ask you something.  Have you finished Dawnguard?  Have you perfected your Hearthfire mansion?  If you answered no to either of those questions, you might want to get cracking because there’s yet another dose of Skyrim DLC on the way, and this one looks like it could be the biggest yet.  Read on for all the details.  

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Call of Duty Black Ops II Live Action Trailer


We are now living in a world where Guy Ritchie is directing and Robert Downey Jr is starring in live action trailers for videogames. And which video game has the power to bring these two creative powerhouses together? You guessed it (or maybe you just read the title of this article) – Call of Duty Black Ops II.

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Collector’s Edition Announced


Kojima Productions and Platinum Games have announced the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Collector’s Edition, and if you’re a Metal Gear fan, you’re going to want to grab this baby.

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Hitman Absolution Cinema and Dynamic Audio Trailers


With the amount of Triple A titles being released over the next few weeks we probably should start a Trailer Club. IO Interactive certainly like their trailers – so much so that they’ve provided two for the upcoming Hitman Absolution.

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Tomb Raider Box Art Unveiled


With every day we get closer to the time that Lara will be safely in our capable gaming hands, and Tomb Raider fans rejoice – as Square Enix have released the box art for their upcoming 2013 release Tomb Raider.

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Mass Effect Trilogy Gets a Release Date on PS3


Attention all PS3 Mass Effect fans: your prayers have finally been answered. The original Mass Effect is coming to your system, and Bioware has announced the release date.  Read on for all the details.  

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Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in Northpoint Trailer


Zombie content pack update alert! Yes, this zombie fixation the games industry has has struck again, although perhaps this time we can blame Halloween for influencing this new add-on for Sleeping Dogs.

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Konami Halloween Playstation Network Sale


I love Halloween. And I love to save. Put those two things together and I’m practically estatic, so Konami‘s announcement that they’re slashing 50% off the price of three of their horror-themed Playstation Network Titles has me all aglow. Halloween orange, of course.

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