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Review – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

8 out of 10 Great

The Call of Duty franchise has seen some huge highs and some equally low lows throughout its lifetime. With Advanced Warfare, it is clear that Sledgehammer Games and Activision have done their best to re-invigorate the series, combining the strengths the games are know for with new additions to keep the franchise fresh. The result is a polished, well-designed game that has a few rough edges, but not enough to lessen the appeal of the game.

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Review: Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa)

Never Alone 1
7 out of 10 Good

Never Alone explores a first-of-its-kind collaboration between game developer, Upper One Games, Cook Inlet Tribal Council, and the Alaska Native community to reinvigorate Iñupiaq folklores that were once previously only passed through generations by traditional verbal storytelling. Combined with its story, the game’s art style, music and narration compounds into a memorable experience that will give players an appreciation for the insight into a fascinating culture.

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Review – The Marvellous Miss Take

9 out of 10 Excellent Recommended

One of the token, almost assumed facets of stealth gaming is that the atmosphere has to brood, invoking tones of darkness, and a mood that takes itself not an inch short of serious; the presumption being that somewhere in there, they’d find their groove. In its most fundamental core mechanics, The Marvellous Miss Take is undoubtedly a stealth game, though the developer Wonderstruck Games have gone back to the foundations of play that informed the genre, a childhood game of cat and mouse.

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Save Game – No Data Available – Episode 16


We’ve done a few podcasts now, but we must admit that Episode 16 has a special place in our hearts, because it features our favourite Editrix above all Editrices Karin Weekes. Karin is Lead Editor at Bioware Edmonton/Montreal and has just finished working on a little game called Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Review – Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition

8 out of 10 Great

Buying a game used to be different. Sure, if you weren’t around for it, you could put it down to the ravings of an old man doped-up on nostalgia, pining for a time that never existed. We’re at a point now where even the case a game used to come in is optional, while the days of manuals being included are behind us and those side-books that related to the world of the game? Those are now just rumours written in the wind, scoffed at as mis-remembered anecdotes to those that can’t imagine a world with printed material.

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TPAT Highlights – Ride to Hell: Retribution

TPAT Banner-Ride to Hell

Hooooo boy.  Well. My my. Oh goodness, and other expressions of mild judgement. This TPAT has Tash and Steen playing Ride to Hell: Retribution and the thick layer of dust and grime isn’t the only thing that makes it gross and dirty.

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Open Beta – The Crew


Fast cars: check. Racing: Check. Cows: yes check. Shaun put his foot on the gas during The Crew’s open beta and decided to make a video with his thoughts.

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Impressions: Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer


One of the most refreshing things about Mass Effect 3 (no, we’re not going to discuss the ending) was the Multiplayer mode. Originally seen as a tacked-on implementation that was meant to satisfy a checklist, ME3MP recaptured something of the camaraderie that used to be so integral in multiplayer gaming.

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Interview – Todd Harris, COO of Hi Rez Studios (Smite)


At PAX Australia, Save Game was lucky enough to catch up with Todd Harris, one of the founders and the Chief Operating Officer of Hi Rez Studios, who have recently released their third online game, Smite. We chatted about a variety of topics, from gods to playstyles to whether the game is newbie friendly. The full transcript is below.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Helpful Hints Guide


Dragon Age Inquisition is a HUGE game. There’s a lot to do, a lot of people to meet, and a whole bunch of exploring to…well, explore. I’ve sunk a lot of time into Bioware’s latest epic, and in my time with the game I’ve learnt a few tips that I wish I’d know before starting. Below, you’ll find a few quick, helpful hints to assist you as you journey through DAI.

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