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Some lucky Xbox owners being offered $75 credit to upgrade to an Xbox One


Some lucky Xbox owners across the US, UK and Canada are being offered $75 credit to upgrade to an Xbox One.

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Halo Master Chief Collection panel from RTX 2014 now online

ScreenHunter_10 Jul. 09 18.49

One of the highlights from last weekend’s RTX gaming convention in Austin Texas was a panel hosted by Halo developer 343 Industries which discussed everything you could possibly want to know about the upcoming Master Chief Collection.  Now, the entire panel has been published to Youtube, and you can watch it for yourself by reading on.

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Wanna watch the Dragon Age Inquisition E3 demo?


Hey, you wanna watch the Dragon Age Inquisition E3 demo?  Of course, you do.  What a silly question.  Unfortunately, only those who attended the gaming convention were lucky enough to see it.  Until now, that is.  Bioware has released part one of the demo, over sixteen minutes of polished Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay, and you can see it for yourself by reading on

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Gearbox and 2K announce Battleborn

ScreenHunter_09 Jul. 07 18.32

What if there was only one star left in the cosmos?  What if you were in a fight to the death with many other races for control of that star?  That’s the pitch for Battleborn, the new online multiplayer battle game coming from Gearbox and 2K.  Read on for all the details.

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PES2015 details announced


Konami have announced details for PES 2015, with the focus on on-field realism and improvements from the previous game.

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Bungie announces multiple limited editions for Destiny


Break out those wallets, Bungie fans.  The Destiny developer has finally unveiled the limited editions for their upcoming epic, and yes, that “editions,” as in plural.  Read on for all the details, and try to ignore the muffled sobs coming from your checking account.  

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Watch Dogs additional content detailed


In an announcement that surprises absolutely no-one, Ubisoft have announced that single player content for their newest release Watch Dogs will be available this week across all platforms. The new content release includes three single player missions, in addition to unlockable weapons, perks and bonuses.

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Child of Light now available on PS Vita


Ubisoft have announced that their stunningly gorgeous turn-based RPG Child of Light is now available to purchase for the PS Vita. The standard edition of the game is available to purchase digitally in standard edition for $19.75, with a Complete Edition containing all DLC also available to purchase in stores for $39.95.

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Save Game Sunday Kickday: PYRELLA


“Brave a temple of horrors in utter darkness with only a torch to light your way. Keeping the flame alive takes brains & brawn.”  That’s the pitch for PYRELLA, a dark side scrolling adventure game in the Metroidvania style filled with enemies, traps and puzzles.  But in Pyrella, the true enemy is the darkness itself.  Read on to learn more about this week’s pick for Sunday Kickday.

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Ultimate Kyrat Edition of Far Cry 4 revealed


Far Cry fans take note – Ubisoft have announced the most recent uber special edition of their upcoming blockbuster title Far Cry 4. The Ultimate Kyrat Edition is touted as the most complete Far Cry 4 package available, and will include a glee-inducing assortment of extra special features.

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