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To innovate or not to innovate


Innovation in gaming is like the introduction of the Star Wars prequels – everyone thinks they want it to happen, and then when it finally hits, all the fan communities can do is find something to complain about. Dropping the metaphor (where a vast majority of complaints are incredibly valid), the question is raised:  is it better for game devs to innovate and risk disaster or for them to stick with a tried and true formula and risk becoming stale?

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The top 12 most over-rated games…in this not so humble gamer’s opinion!


I know, I know….this has been done and overdone on so many sites and in so many magazines. But hey, this is my chance to vent on some games I have felt were far overrated over the years. It will ruffle some features I’m sure, but remember this list is only my personal opinion and nothing said here about any game should be taken as cold hard fact.

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A Community Affair


League of Legends, like all MMO* and MOBA* games, is based entirely on an online community. It is not designed to be a single player experience: instead the player is meant to forge a working type dynamic with other players as they work against the opposing team. In theory, this atmosphere should foster co-operation and respect, however, there enters the problem of anonymity on the Internet.

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ilomilo Review


ilomilo, by Swedish developers Southend Interactive is a 3D puzzle game with one main objective: to reunite two friends (ilo and milo and yes, both are uncapitalized) that continually get separated. You switch between the two characters and move them about on a surface made up of cubes, using assists such as arrows and animals and rotating blocks that allow you to defy gravity and traipse around the surfaces.

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Nostalgic Illuminations: Remembering Eternal Darkness


Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is one of the few games I still find enjoyable today, and one of the few games that surpassed my expectations when I started playing it. Even now, I have yet to come across a game possessing such a tight narration.

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Bastion… Stranded on a Rock in the Sky


Bastion is basically a simplistic narrative buoyed by a surprisingly deep combat system… I am usually not one for such single player experiences but Bastion provides an engaging world to play in and an intriguing little story to follow.

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