Weekend News Recap


Witcher 3 DLC! Dragon Age Inquisition naughty bedroom talk! Call of Duty! Halo stuff! Exclamation points! Please stop me! This past week there was some big news so in case you missed it, we have you covered.

Microsoft Unveils new Halo Nightfall Trailer – Here’s the trailer. The world premiere will be November 10th at Halofest 2014, which is, as I’ve discovered not Beyonce related.

Dragon Age Inquisition earns an M rating from the ESRB – Oh my. My stars. I’m blushing. Is it November 18th yet? I want to play this for the articles.

CD Projekt Red releases The Witcher 3’s opening cinematic – Hi Geralt! Is that your girlfriend? The one you’ve been searching for all this time? She seems…nice…

Live Action CoD: Advanced Warfare trailer is bro-tastic – Dude! Bro! Dude! Bro! Dude! Maybe YOU don’t kiss goats but I don’t really need your judgement. I came her to blow stuff up and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now.

Evolve’s PS4 Big Alpha Postponed – We’re not sure why so I’m just gonna go ahead and call this “fashionably late.”

EA Access to get Dragon Age Inquisition five days early – WELL AIN’T WE LA-DEE-DA!

The Witcher 3 will be getting 16 free pieces of DLC – Oh CD Projekt. You’re going to spoil me! Oh stop, no no really this is more than I deserve. Like, seriously.

Bioware releases new Mass Effect concept art – I f*cking love N7 day. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner passing out and foaming at the mouth.

There you have it. Be sure to keep watching our Twitter feed (@savegameonline) and checking back for more gaming stuff. Have a great weekend everyone!

About the Author: (@Badpie24) Writer & Editor

Jen lives in Seattle and likes to play games and then write about them. Her all time favorite games include the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age: Origins, The Witcher, World of Warcraft, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. She likes coffee and wine and tacos, but not all together because that would be gross. Cats are awesome.

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