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PC Gaming Bootcamp: Which games have shaped you?


I have very few friends that I can talk to about video games. They just stare blankly back at me while I tell them about my weekend of dragon slaying, caped crusading and capturing animals inside red and white balls. And the very few people I can talk about the above about without being subjected to random drug testing are what can only be described as PC elitists.

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ME3 Launch Trailer: A Closer Look


So as we all know by now, the biggest (and probably final) trailer for Mass Effect 3 was released yesterday, and unleashed a tsunami of geekgasms across the internet.  Officially known as the Launch Trailer, it was quite a departure from the last two videos offered by Bioware.  Made entirely of in-game footage,  the Launch Trailer was the preview that hardcore fans of the series were waiting for.  And by the Goddess, did it deliver.  But there was so much awesome on display, some key elements might’ve been missed by fans too busy to go through the video frame by […]

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Fan Art Feature: Roxanne Meares


Here at Save Game, we love artists.  There are a lot of great artists out there who have been so moved by some games that they’ve been inspired to create really great pieces.  We wanted to recognize some of those artists.  Fan art is truly a labor of love.  The subjects don’t belong to the artist, and they can never actually make profit off of any copyrighted material, but they still do it and they still share with others.  For our first fan art feature, we talked to Roxanne Meares and learned a little about what she loves and why. 

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This Must Stop: The eventual fall of the Facebook game


It starts innocently enough.  An enticing graphic, a benign message from a friend;  “Your friend’s cow has escaped the pasture!  Will you help them?”  Naturally, being a kind and socially-minded individual, you procure said cow and return it to the pasture… and from there it spirals into an unending whirlwind of irreversible and constant annoyance. This is the world of Facebook games. 

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Press (Kick) Start: A look at some creative endeavors on Kickstarter


Tim Schafer is a God. There I said it… as have five hundred other video game journalists. The work of Mr. Schafer as a mere mortal, which has to date encompassed the years between 1967 and last month, was far and wide some of the most creatively interesting and amusing work in video games this side of the Uncanny Valley. Of course, all this changed after his announcement that his next game would be funded using the Crowd Sourcing model, better known as crowdfunding. “What is crowdfunding?”, you may ask in a overly whimsical tone. Essentially, it is where people […]

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Saints Row: The Third – Gangstas in Space


I have had Saints Row: The Third for nearly a third of the time I’ve had Skyrim, and I have put almost as much time in the shadows of Steelport’s glass mountains as I have Skyrim’s stone mountains.   When it came time to get my season pass for the promise of more ridiculous DLC, I grabbed it as soon as I was done with the story.  While Genkibowl VII was a bit of a letdown, Gangstas in Space doesn’t disappoint, but unfortunately it doesn’t dazzle either.  

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Back to the Mountain Top: SSX


It’s back. That’s right, EA is rebooting the SSX franchise with a new game that hits the mountains February 28th, 2012. Now for some, you may be wondering “what is SSX?”. The Acronym stands for “Snowboard Super Cross” and they do not exaggerate the use of the word “super.”

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Mobile Monday: Sheep Impact


 There is a world, a world of unending pain, where an untold number of hostages of a sadistic serial killer remain strapped to instruments of pain and torture; motionless, they are unable to even struggle, instead using their terror-filled eyes to plead with you to save them as you stare down impotently….from a hot air balloon. I am of course speaking of the digital war crime that is “Sheep Impact” ($0.99, Android Market).

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Mom Gamer: Taboo or Old News?


I think when many people hear the word “mom” they think of the traditional female gender stereotype role. You know the one I’m talking about: in the kitchen, changing diapers, cleaning house, etc., etc.  But people forget that moms are indeed a separate entity of their children and (perish the thought!) have interests of their own. These interests are many, for example the increasing number of women climbing the workforce ladder (but still only being paid approvimately 87% compared to their male counterparts, but that’s another rant), and yes, even video games. 

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Helpful Hints and Some Sneaky Strategies for the Beginning SW:TOR Player


You’ve bought Star Wars: The Old Republic, installed the game, downloaded the patches, picked a server, created your character, and have set foot on Tython, Ord Mantell, Korriban, or Hutta for the first time. Congratulations!

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