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Your Days Are Numbered, Boys

Gaming has long been a male dominated industry, in both its management and participation. But we are slowly seeing a move away from this with almost half of gamers being female1 and distinct measures taken to garner female involvement at all levels – management, development, and media. One thing that has taken more time, however, is changing the presentation of females in games. Game protagonists have traditionally been male, with females being relegated to lesser roles such as support NPCs, romantic interests, or needing rescuing from a castle (no not that castle, another one). Although this has been recognised, the […]

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Tales of a Gaming Wannabe: Your Crash Course in Gaming from the Person Who Knows Nothing About Gaming

I’ve always kinda liked video games. Boredom is not a word that factors in my vocabulary. I’ve got a lot of hobbies, way more than is reasonable for any human being. In no particular order, I am obsessed with and spend probably six or more hours a week on each of the following: reading, writing, knitting, fitness, music, film, cooking…We all have our vices. Being someone who’s kind of obsessed with stories in all forms, it’s a miracle I wasn’t ever obsessed with video games. Chalk it up to time – there are only so many hours in the day.

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The E3 Primer – Part One

Every year we wait, we anticipate and we speculate. But perhaps this year’s E3 expo not only holds the most secrets yet to be revealed, but also the most to lose for everyone involved.

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The Difficulty with Difficulty (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Load Screen)

Ok, I have a confession to make: I kind of like easy games. There, I said it. I’ve admitted it, I’ve let it out in the open, now time to let the healing begin. I mean that literally, I need healing, my character is dying because I can’t seem to grasp the… crap, don’t get behind me… NO! Stupid ogre! Where the crap was my healer?! Ok, load last save, let’s try that again…

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So Many Reasons Why

The last twenty- hours have been a fascinating look at the world of gaming through the eyes of women who make games, write about games, and just play games.  On Twitter, the hashtag #1reasonwhy started a frenzy of women within the gaming sphere posting reasons why things need to change in the industry for women.  Some of the reasons were downright appalling, and some of the examples of pure backward thinking misogyny and sexism were surprising even to me, a woman who has been around the gaming industry for years.

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The feeding frenzy: How gaming news sites fail at news


Several gaming news outlets reported Aug. 15 that the PlayStation Network was hacked and taken offline, and hundreds of thousands of PSN users’ encrypted passwords were released into the wild.

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Please Stop Making Video Game Movies, Hollywood


Allow me to clarify the title of this article.  Hollywood, please stop making bad video game movies.  Make them amazing or stop making them altogether.  Over the years we’ve been hit with some pretty special globs of suck, and some of them have served to leave a bad taste in the mouths of fans. 

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The golden age of Theme Hospital, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Pharaoh


There is something missing from the line of gaming genres of today. One that slipped away at the end of the 90’s when the Unreal engine became big, and the rise of the first-person shooter began its cover-based grip on the games industry. Before Mass Effect and Dragon Age, when everyone would hook up computers and play Baldur’s Gate II until the sun rose. There is a genre that became neglected.

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5 Games I Could Play Forever


This article is not about my “favorite” games, though some of my favorites are on this list. This list is a grouping of games that I could play forever. If I could only play five games ever again in my life – a thought that is truly tragic – these would be those games. Probably. I reserve the right to change my opinion, especially if all the great things E3 is promising pan out.  

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The Problem with Pirates


I have this good friend who I have been playing video games with for a very long time. We met in high school when my family moved to a new city and we bonded over playing games. We would stay up late and play all sorts of titles, and it was those late gaming nights that made our friendship what it is today. Over time we have had many great game related conversations, but over the past few years we have always been on opposite sides of one important argument. You see, my friend has not bought many games in […]

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